Bleach vs One Piece Reborn 101

Playing DOTA 2 every day makes you feel weary especially when you have a losing streak in ranked matches or what they call the “red days”. Have you ever tried playing custom games inside the (DOTA 2) client? If you are an anime lover or just watching it casually, you can try this custom game to kill time and wear off your anger because of your losing streak. Bleach vs One Piece Reborn is an arcade game that consists of characters from the anime of Bleach and One Piece. Before DOTA 2 was made, BvO came from the original Warcraft 3 custom game. Now that DOTA 2 is out and playable, it is now called Bleach vs One Piece Reborn meaning the graphics have evolved also. The two protagonists of the anime are of course available; they are Ichigo from Bleach and Luffy from One Piece.

Introduction to BvO Reborn

You can choose up to 38 heroes based from the two anime. This game can be played by either solo or ten persons. There are options where you can activate the double experience, selecting the all random before the fight, and activating the waygates so that you can fast travel on the map. You can choose how will the game end by reaching the kill limit from enemy heroes or by duel mode. There is an effigy on the middle map that will serve as a fountain that provides true sight for invisible enemies. If you ran out of life and mana, you don’t need anymore to fall back to your base just to regenerate. This can also be used as an advantage by luring creeps and enemies on to it. But take note that enemy heroes will also regen when they are near on it.

A quest for the main boss

The game can also be ended by killing the last boss, Kyuubi. The game’s name is Bleach vs One Piece but it has many extra characters and heroes aside from the two mentioned TV shows. Kyuubi will appear on the map after you have defeated the level 99 OZ. Oz can be found at the top and center of the map along with his minions. This location can be accessed through the waygate on the bottom left of the map. The circle pads are the waygates that will instantly teleport to the designated area when a hero steps on it. Just like Roshan in DOTA 2, OZ will perpetually respawn until he reaches level 99.

Will kill anyone for gold

There are secret bosses in the game that you can fight optionally aside from the two that was mentioned. Two of them are Brewmaster’s look alikes that are located on the upper right and upper left of the middle area of the map. They also respawn until they reach level 99 and carry items as their levels are getting higher. If you ever try to take down these guys, they have blademail equipped in one of their item slots that will return the damage dealt. So be sure to build items first and be at the right level if you want to pin them down. But don’t worry, all of your efforts will not go to waste when they are defeated.  They too also will drop tons of gold when they die as a reward.

No way out in duel

BvO has a feature called “duel”. This will trigger every four minutes. Sometimes, it is 5v5 or just 3v3. But the main event of this duel is 1v1. Don’t think about it too much because it just happens randomly. If you feel like you will be part of that event, grind all the way, upgrade your items, and save your special/ultimate skill two minutes before the event. Remember that some skills can save your life from those enemies. So be sure to use your skill wisely and effectively. Winning in this event will grant you tons of experience and gold. Remember that the duel arena is vast. You can use it as an advantage to run while the skills are on cooldown.

A tip for increasing stats

If you think that there is only one shop that you can find in your base, think again. There is another shop but it’s called secret shop because you will not notice it at first glance and it’s not clickable, unlike the usual shop that sells items. You will find it in OZ’s area. Once you are there, proceed to the upper part and you see will two tables and small banners that consist of red and white with a rope attached to it. Make sure that your hero is close to it. Once you’ve reached that part, a pop-up will appear on the right corner of the screen. The secret shop contains tomes that you can purchase by using medals.

The divine rapier and its protectors

In BvO, the divine rapier cannot be purchased nor combined using other items. This divine weapon can be found lying on the ground on the bottom part of the map. But be vigilant because your hero’s mana will be drained when you access the area. It will not be easy because there will be golems waiting there to be awake after the rapier has been picked up. Once you have it, it can be forged into a better and different weapons that suit to your chosen character. The rapier can be found in the same place but it needs some time to respawn another divine weapon. It will not be easy picking up the weapon for the second time because another group of golems and mimic will guard it.

Make your way to get the orb of frost

Now that you have a divine rapier, it’s time to get the orb of frost. You can find it by traversing the way gate in the upper part of the middle map. Note that obtaining the orb of frost is not easy because there are 2 bosses that you must face in order to get it. The first boss that you will encounter is Maximillian who looks like Wraith King. This will be a tedious battle because of Maximillian’s hp and armor. Once he has fallen, proceed on the top part and the trees blocking the way will be gone. Step into the way gate again and brace yourself for another battle. The Forgotten One will be the last boss in that area. Once you have defeated it, it will drop the Orb of frost.

Forge the ultimate weapons

Take note that all the optional bosses respawn except for Kyuubi. The items that drop from killing Mimic and The Forgotten One (Divine Rapier and Orb of Frost) are all indefinite as long as you kill them every time they respawn. Combining orb of frost and the divine rapier can forge different ultimate weapons. Now that you know the secrets and tips about this game, it’s time to play it with your friends.


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