Call of Duty Warzone battle royale 1v1 Gulag

Call of Duty: Warzone is introducing a ton of new features to the battle royale genre. While it also improves on many aspects of the previous Call of Duty battle royale, Blackout, we’ll be talking about a brand new feature today. A recent trend in the BR genre has been respawning after you’ve died. This usually requires a bit of teamwork, as seen in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. However, Warzone is taking it a step further by featuring multiple ways to respawn. One of those ways comes through the 1v1 Gulag Pit.

What is Warzone’s Gulag Pit?

We’ve heard rumors about this mechanic for some time, and now it’s come true. Gulag is a popular map from the original Modern Warfare campaign. It was turned into two Gunfight maps, Cargo and Gulag Showers, with the debut of Modern Warfare.

Gulag in Warzone is exactly like the Gulag Showers Gunfight map. Of course, players won’t be playing Gunfight on this map. Instead, they’ll battle it out for the opportunity to return to the battle royale field.

The first time you die, you’ll have the chance to enter the Gulag 1v1 Pit and earn your way back in the game. One other player who died in the Warzone match will join you. The person who wins this fight will return to the game. Meanwhile, the loser is sent back to spectating their teammates, hoping one will use Cash to buy them back in.

You only have the chance to fight in the Gulag following your first elimination, however. If you die after you respawn, you won’t go back into the 1v1 pit. This ensures that Warzone matches don’t take an eternity to finish. However, if you die past a certain point of the match, the Gulag won’t come into play, regardless of if it’s your first time dying.

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Joey Carr
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