IEM Katowice

On the 25th and 26th of February, a new legend will be crowned. Eight teams will compete for the title of “Intel Extreme Masters Season 11” champion. Showcasing of skills of different teams in the Spodek Arena is something to be proud of. Greatest teams of every regions will compete and will conquer the battle the best as they can.


Before the battle in the Spodek Arena, a long journey will be experience. Immortals forfeited their seed and make IEM Qualifier have 7 team brawl instead of eight.  Splyce forfeited their seed and replaced by Unicorns of Love. At the same time, Afreeca Freecs forfeited their seed and replaced by Longzhu Gaming.

EDward Gaming‘s automatic qualification to IEM Katowice via 2016 Worlds will make them unable to participate and will originally replaced by I May.

At first, there should be a 7 teams will be seen but due to scheduling conflict with the 2016 Demacia Cup, no Chinese team will compete. And also, that only 6 teams in total would participate.

Flash Wolves and Unicorn of Love dueled on a Bo5 match. Fighting for the ‘W’ wasn’t easy for both teams. At the end of the day, Unicorns of Love managed to prevail and won over a 3-2 victory. They’ll be hitting the Spodek Arena.


Unlike IEM Oaklan, eight teams participated IEM Gyeonggi. However, changes occurred that affects the battle.

Cloud9‘s automatic qualification to IEM Katowice via the 2016 World Championship means they are unable to participate. Cloud 9 replaced by Immortals. G2 Esports forfeited their seed and replaced by Giants Gaming.

ROX Tigers, winners of the 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup already qualified to Gyeonggi Kongdoo Monster.  The team was replaced by the second placer.Due to roster issues, ROX Tigers is forfeit their seeds. They are replaced by Samsung Galaxy. Also, Snake Esports forfeit their seed and replaced by Team Liquid.

Group A’s winner Samsung Galaxy and Group B’s winner Kongdoo Monster will fight on a BO5 match with a chance of getting a pass to the said event. And the fortune favored Samsung Galaxy they are able to win the series with a 3-1 glorious victory.


  • H2K Gaming
  • M19 Team
  • Flash Wolves
  • G2 Esports
  • HongKong Espors
  • ROX Tigers (They replaced SKT 1, SKT qualified for Katowice by winning the 2016 League of Legends World Championship)
  • Kongdoo Monsters
  • Unicorns of Love by winning IEM Oakland

The competition is near, make sure you don’t miss the action.


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