Take a peek at what is in store for you in The International 2016

The hype is not yet over as The International 2016 gears up to be this year’s biggest eSports event. People are about to unfold another history following the huge buzz on The International 2015 for having the largest eSports prize pool to date for a single tournament. The International is a Dota 2 tournament hosted by Valve Corporation. The said event is an annual thrill for the Dota 2 community. So, here’s a quick peek at what we already have on hand for the much-awaited tournament of the year.


The International 2016 will transpire at KeyArena in Seattle. The annual tournament has been taking place in KeyArena since 2014.


Tickets are available on Ticketmaster.com and you need to secure an account to purchase. Tickets come in two types— Midweek ticket and Finals ticket. The midweek ticket will enable you to access the first four days of the event while the Finals ticket will grant you access to the last two days of the main event. The tickets were on sale last April 7.


FACEIT hosts the International 2016 Open Qualifiers. The registration is still ongoing and aspiring teams from different regions can take part in this prestigious tournament. The Open Qualifiers will set on June 21 while the Regional Qualifiers will commence on June 25.


The main event of the International 2016 will happen on August 8-13. Teams who top on the qualifiers will have their chance to compete for the Aegis of Champions.


The prize pool for TI6 is $11,905,802 as of press time. The International 2015 hit the mark of $18,429,613. It is foreseen that the prize pool for The International 2016 will be more than that.

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