Iran will be hosting its first ever tournament dedicated to different eSports competitive fields in August 2016.

Hosted by Iran Cyber Games, ICG eSports Summer 2016 will feature a $60,000 prize pool split into various eSports games. The finals will be held in Mosalla at Iran’s capital city of Tehran. From August 7 to 13, players from different fields can battle it out to get top prize. This will be the biggest Iranian eSports Tournament in history and it could signal the breakout of Iran into the international eSports scene.

Twelve different titles of eSports games have been formally included in the mix. More popular games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends will have the bigger prize awarded to winners with $9,000 each. Heroes of the Storm, Rainbow Six: Siege, and the newly released Overwatch will be awarded $6,500 each. Big Playstation 4 titles such as FIFA 2016 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be getting a prize pool of $5,300 each. Hearthstone will be getting $2,300 while mobile game Clash Royale will have $1,300. Streetfighter V and mobile MOBA Vainglory will be getting a $300 prize pool each. More than 60 teams are expected to participate in the tournament’s LAN finals.

Very few Iranian eSports teams or players have been able to participate in any major eSports tournaments to date. Keivan “TNII” Javadi Elyaderani placing 1st in the World Cyber Games 2013 for FIFA2014 made him the country’s highest earning eSports player. More recently, Dota 2 team Scenario.ICG placed first in ESL Go4Dota2 European Cup in 2015. Hopefully with the success of this tournament, more of their teams will be recognized globally as well.

Interested players will be able to sign up on ICG’s website. An English version of the site is still in the works. ICG eSports Summer 2016 is another milestone for eSports enthusiasts all over the world.

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