With so many dedicated esports lounges and stadiums opening up all over the place, a new type of venue is opening up in Japan — an esports hotel. This eight-story building that will be known as e-ZONe Denno Kukan will have the first three floors of it dedicated solely to esports, with the remaining five floors being guestrooms.

This first-of-its-kind hotel will open in downtown Nipponbashi district of Osaka. Over 70 high-powered PCs will be included in the esports areas. It will also be equipped for streaming. The concept photos show off a very modern look with a tasteful design that is sure to attract many. According to the owners of the hotel, they believe it will have the best of both worlds for guests who want somewhere to stay while of course gaming. It’s also meant to attract those in the professional circuit who could come and practice in their venue. It only has 94 beds though, and the hotel will have shared shower facilities located in the basement.

First of its kind

Japan esports hotel

e-Zone Denno Kukan

The hotel is set to open in spring 2020. No official rates have been released as of yet, but it’s presumed to be not overly expensive. What’s cool about where it’s opening is that this is the same city where Capcom and SNK’s headquarters are located. Japan has a huge fighting game scene, and this truly is the perfect mix of two worlds, travel and gaming. If it does well, we could see other large hotel chains start to do similar things. I think it’s a great concept and I look forward to seeing reviews once it opens. We shall know soon enough if people are keen to the idea of this type of hotel. Let us know in the comments about whether you would stay in an esports hotel.

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