LCK League of Legends Jin Air Green Wings Player Departure

After their tragic relegation from the LCK, Jin Air Green Wings decided to drop nearly their entire League of Legends roster. In a tweet, they announced the departure of everyone but Lee “Grace” Chan-ju, Moon “Route” Geom-su, and Lee “Bambi” Gyu-bin. They also mutually parted ways with coach Choi “Alvingo” Byeong-cheol, who has been with the team since 2018. With only three players left on the roster, Jin Air will have to field some new players if they want to compete in the CK next season.

Jin Air Green Wings having a rough stretch

The Jin Air organization has been part of the LCK since season 3. Despite their longevity, the team never reached any notable achievements in League of Legends. In the past few seasons, Jin Air hovered mostly around the bottom of the LCK ladder. Their former ADC Park “Teddy” Jin-seong was seen as the only positive point on this team, having numerous solo carry performances. However, after his departure in 2018, it all went downhill. Back-to-back 10th place finishes meant Jin Air had to play the promotion tournament twice this season. In their first attempt, they just barely beat ES Sharks to re-qualify for LCK. Unfortunately, things managed to get worse during the Summer Split. They failed to win a single series, finishing with a 0-18 record.

Their second try in the promotion tournament wasn’t as promising as the first one. Even though they managed to beat Team Dynamics in the first series, they failed to beat APK Prince in the qualifying round. Meeting their LCK buddies Hanwha Life in the losers bracket, they got dismantled and were officially relegated from the LCK. This ended the Jin Air Green Wings saga that lasted for nearly six years.

League of Legends SKT Teddy Worlds 2019

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