Dota 2 servers are based per region and pings will vary per location. Usually within your region, the lower the ping you get, better are the game play expectations. Here is a short summary of what each server brings to the table:

Dubai “We’re friendly but serious”

Dota 2 players across the Middle East have populated this server and communication does not seem to be a problem. For one thing, majority of the players speak English and they are usually students or belong to the working class. Less chat but competitive gaming and peak days will be from Thursday to Saturday.

Russia “For mother Russia with love!”

Based on my own experience, Russian servers are way less toxic than SEA and are perceived differently than what it is on the internet. Support players play the support role and by the same token carry players wont flame you for kill steal and are not greedy. All of my games in this server have been GGWP.


Europe “Alternative to Russians”

Yes! The keyboard warriors and open mic players are in this server. You will find a good match here and there until someone becomes noisy in team chat. I suggest muting it before it ruins your game play.

SEA “All carry, all mid and get reported”

The notorious SEA server and its players. Due to the wide gamut of Dota 2 players in this server (kids to grandfathers), the flaming, trash talking and competition within the team happens on a regular basis. To demonstrate that, they pick carry heroes in the hope that they get more kills and show some flashiness. The bad news is that these 5 players are teamed up with each other. Expect nothing short of mayhem.




Japan “Alternative server to SEA players”

As long you are in South East Asia expect to see SEA players in this server. Alternatively, you can find decent players here and is a good choice to SEA especially if you want to raise your MMR.


India and South Africa “The forgotten ones”

I combined these two servers since they are always in maintenance and I know majority of my Indian friends play either SEA or Dubai Server. South Africa was launched recently and is not always playable.


US “Universal server”

In contrast to all the servers, US servers are the most (if not all) balanced servers in Dota 2. Somehow players are most likely to ping or call out on missing heroes during the game. As a result, you will find players from around the globe to be present here. Given that you should have a decent ping.



Australia “Let’s talk about everything”

I find this server very chatty even post-match, regardless of who the winning team is. Not only are the players friendly but most likely you will receive a friend invite if you play well in the game.



Disclaimer: The article is based on my own experience of playing in each of the servers. I still believe that regardless of the region or location, winning the game is a team effort.

Author: Dina Alexa

Image Credit: SpreadShirt

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