Team Secret Makes Their Way Into The Kiev Main Stage

Team Secret faced off against Alliance in a best of three series for a spot in the Kiev main stage. Alliance went down with a 0-2 score. Here are the details of the games.

Game 1

Team Secret went for their well known Terrorblade pick except for this time MidOne was the one playing it. The game started off with quite a bang as a team fight broke out very early as Secret were trying to get Alliance’s neutral stack. Can’t let the Alchemist get all the money! More fights broke out. And most of it were team fights. As both teams had a team fight oriented lineup.

Sadly for Alliance, MidOne found a double damage rune and they ran down the mid lane. It was right after the fight in the Roshan pit where Alliance got disintegrated despite Alchemist getting the Aegis. Alchemist didn’t have his Chemical Rage available at both the fights so MidOne was able to burn through the entire team of Alliance very swiftly. And with the double damage rune on MidOne and three heroes with no buybacks on Alliance, Alliance lost the first game.

Game 2

In the second game, Team Secret surprised everyone with a Huskar pick. And it turned out to be a “Secret” strategy. See what I did there?… Nevermind. We also got to see Pieliedie’s Wisp. However, this time it was a lane Wisp. So he was helping out MP’s Huskar in the mid lane.

It was obvious that Puppey was expecting Alliance to draft Ember Spirit. Their draft was also focused on shutting down the Ember. However, Alliance’s Void didn’t give Team Secret an easy time.

Team Secret’s strategy was to basically just buff the Huskar up. Abbadon’s Aphotic Shield, Pieliedie’s Wisp and MidOne’s Legion Commander. The lineup was so focused on Huskar that MidOne didn’t even farm many items other than the stuff necessary to get a Duel onto Ember Spirit.

And even though Alliance tried their best to bring down all the buffing heroes, MP’s Huskar did all the killing while Alliance was busy bringing down Khezu, MidOne and Pieliedie.

And so, Team Secret take a 2-0 victory and secure themselves a spot in the Kiev Major main stage. We wish them luck in the tournament!

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