The iG Teams Fight Their Way Into Kiev Major

iG and iG.V fight their way into the Kiev Major. iG fought against iG.V in a best of three series in the winner’s bracket. And iG.V got the victory and secured a spot in the Major qualifiers.

iG went on to fight against VG. And they won the series and secured a spot for themselves as well.

iG vs iG.V

iG took the first game against iG.V. The winning team picked Lone Druid and Shadow Fiend and those heroes were able to stomp the enemy team. The game finished around the 30 mintue mark. iG.V were unable to kill the Lone Druid. He was sitting at a 5-0-7 KDA at the end of the game. And he was at 20k networth. Shadow Fiend died 3 times at the start of the game. And that was it. No more deaths for him from that point onwards.

In game 2 iG again stuck with their Lone Druid and Shadow Fiend. But dogfights’s Pudge had a huge impact in the game and that lead to their victory.

Game 3 was pretty much the same as iG.V’s Bounty Hunter just kept racking up the gold for his teammates and iG.V eventually won the series and secured a spot for themselves in the Kiev Major main stage.

iG vs ViCi Gaming

Invictus Gaming picked both Batrider and Nyx for themselves in the first game. Since Nyx is a great counter to Batrider. However they crumbled to VG’s Slardar as the Slardar enabled his team to dish out a lot of damage.  Shadow Fiend, Dazzle, and Ursa are all great heroes that make full use of Slardar’s ultimate. So the ViCi Gaming took the victory in the first game.

In game 2, VG went for Terrorblade and Legion Commander. Legion is a great counter to Storm Spirit. And Terrorblade is a very strong carry. VG ran a mid Vengeful. So the game didn’t really turn out very well for them. Their team failed to shut down iG’s core heroes. So the Lone Druid and Storm Spirit just snowballed out of control. And so Invictus Gaming took the victory.

The thrid game came to a swift end. Even though iG.QO’s Shadow Fiend had 5 deaths and only 3 kills, he managed to keep his farm way above everyone else. And VG couldn’t shut him down with their Ember and Juggernaut picks. Because his farm had already earned him a Black King Bar.

So iG and iG.V take the victory in the China qualifiers. And they secure themselves spots in the Kiev Major main event!

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