Team Onyx Fights Their Way Into The Kiev Main Stage

The best of three series between Team Onyx and compLexity Gaming was certainly full of action. And both teams fought hard to secure themselves a spot in the Kiev Major main stage. But sadly, compLexity couldn’t get the spot as they were brought down 2-1 by Team Onyx. Here are the details of the games played between the two huge NA teams!

Game 1

Team Onyx went for a very balanced draft in the first game.  BulBa playing Abbadon, Abed on Ember, Mason on Weaver and Demon on Warlock. They might have had glass cannon cores but they sure had very tanky supports. Meanwhile, compLexity went for a physical damage heavy draft. Maybe because they wanted to take advantage of Onyx picking up very squishy cores. But compLexity was also heavy on magic damage having a Shadow Fiend on their team. Sadly, compLexity’s plan didn’t work out so well.

Team Onyx managed to keep pressure onto compLexity almost at all times as they basically got one kill per minute. And Abed and Mason on their heroes didn’t die a single time. So compLexity called GG before the 30 minute mark. And the game came to an easy end for Team Onyx.

Game 2

In the second game, Onyx went for the Phantom Assassin, Juggernaut, and Magnus combo. And we know how un-flexible that combo is. All it took for compLexity to lose was a few wrong RPs from Magnus. And that’s what happened.

compLexity positioned themselves very nicely at all times. And since they had Slark, Sniper, and Centaur, they were always spread out as far as a team could be. Centaur tanking up in the front lines, Sniper going at it from the back lines, and Slark killing enemy supports in the enemy’s back lines.

And just like that, compLexity took a victory and balanced out the score 1-1 in the best of 3 series.

Game 3

This game is where compLexity made a huge mistake; not banning Meepo. Team Onyx went for the last pick Meepo. And of course, Abed performed extremely well in the game. He dominated his own lane against 747’s Outworld Devourer. Abed went on to get a beyond godlike streak. I mean what were compLexity thinking giving Abed his favorite Meepo?

compLexity had gone for a Magnus pick but the Magnus sadly wasn’t as effective as they hoped it to be. Abed managed to bait out one RP from Magnus while he blinked out. And with small victories, Team Onyx stormed into compLexity’s base and completely wrecked them. Abed made full use of his items, mostly the Ethereal Blade. And so the series came to an end.

Thus, Team Onyx took the series 2-1 and secured themselves a spot in the Kiev Major main stage.

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