Kiev Major Regional Qualifiers: Virtus Pro Wins CIS Qualifiers

The Victors Of The CIS Qualifiers: Virtus Pro

Na’Vi were on a roll. They defeated Team Empire and secured a spot in the grand finals of the CIS qualifiers. But Virtus Pro shows the world who’s the boss of the CIS region again as they take down the legendary team 2-0. Here are the details of the games!

Game 1

Na’Vi fought long and hard in both their games against VP. In the first game, Na’Vi went for Batrider and Oracle. Virtus Pro had second-picked an Ursa, so to counter him Na’Vi chose to pick those heroes. Dendi went for one of his most known heroes, Troll warlord. But sadly, as GeneRaL couldn’t hold his lane well against Ramzes’s Ursa, he went down very hard in his lane. RmN’s Oracle came to support him but he failed against the Ursa as well. And slowly but steadily Ursa just snowballed onto Na’Vi. The Outworld Devourer and Sand King picks from VP really paid off as they were able to shut down Batrider with his initiations. The game came to an end with a score of… Try to guess?… Yep! 3-22!

Game 2

Game 2 was looking pretty good for Na’Vi at first. But those few minutes didn’t last long. Virtus Pro’s mid Silencer pick was a perfect counter to Dendi’s Ember Spirit. The Ember Spirit was shut down so hard he had to buy an Iron Talon and head to the jungle. The safe lane Enigma played by GeneRaL sadly couldn’t do much. Yep, he was pushed out of his lane again by Ramzes with his Troll Warlord.

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GeneRaL couldn’t make much use of his jungle either as Lil and Solo were rotating constantly around the Radiant side. And they kept on killing heroes left and right. Lil’s support Sven actually did a lot of damage, as he used his God Strength in team fights very well. And we all know how well Virtus Pro’s team fighting potential is. Seriously how are these guys so well co-ordinated? If only my friends were as good too. SadFace.

The game ended with a score of 7-25 in favor of Virtus Pro. And VP easily snatches the spot for the main event with a 2-0 victory over Na’Vi. We wish them luck and hopefully, we can see more amazing team fights from VP in the main event!


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