LAMO The Game, featuring streamers like Ninja, LIRIK, enters early access

LAMO The Game ninja lirik shroud

LAMO The Game has released on Steam, bringing with it some of the biggest names in streaming. The multiplayer arena brawler features streamers Ninja, LIRIK, summit1g, Shroud, and TimTheTatman fighting in 8-person free-for-all matches. Players use hovercars, mechas, towers, and more to collect jelly and power-ups to take down other players.

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Everything from buildings to rocks, trees, and even the ground itself is destructible. Players will set up traps and manipulate the world around them as they play. Players can also build up the world around them, constructing towers and turrets to protect jelly generators and control important points on the map. Each playable streamer has unique stats and special attacks that works to make the characters feel unique and more like their real-life counterparts.

Players can queue up in Duos if they’re playing by themselves or Team Battles when playing with friends. LAMO The Game matches are fast-paced and short, lasting around 10 minutes.


While a fun concept, the execution of LAMO The Game is a little less exciting. In order to play as one of the five streamers, players have to either purchase a character in the in-game shop or purchase a physical vinyl figure. The figures come with a digital Battle Bundle that unlocks more skins, mech suits, and other in-game content. There is also a plethora of skins for the characters, hovercrafts, and mech suits that players can purchase but don’t change the gameplay.

There is a Battle Pass available for purchase as well, which unlocks other skins and gear for your streamers.

Though the game only has five playable characters, since they’re listed as series 1 we can expect more streamers to come to LAMO The Game soon.

LAMO The Game is currently available on Steam Early Access for Windows. Players can purchase the vinyl at GameStop, Target, Amazon, Walmart, and the Play LAMO Shop.

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