Latest LoL update Patch 6.9 is coming in a few hours and I really want to write about some important changes that will happen into the game. No, I’m not talking about the major change to the mages and their items, but about the Jungle Bosses.

The 5 new dragons and their importance
As you may already know, Riot Games removed the original dragon to add 5 new dragons in this latest LoL update. The purpose of this is to make the dragons an important objective to get. Until today, you could give up a dragon without worrying too much, but with this patch, not contesting a dragon pretty much puts you in trouble. Here is why :

Mountain Drake

This drake has been designed to buff damage dealt to Turret and Epic Monsters.

Mountain Drake

Killing a Mountain Drake gives your team the Earthen Arms buff, which permanently grants 10% bonus true damage to Epic Monsters and Turrets, 20% for the 2nd time you kill him, and 30% for the 3rd one.

This basically means that if you let the enemy team take that drake, your tower will melt and you won’t have much time to steal a dragon or the baron if you’re a bit far from the enemy, because they’ll kill those too fast.


Infernal Drake

This drake has been created to give your team an attack damage bonus.

Infernal Drake

Slaying the Infernal Drake gives the Infernal Tribute buff, which permanently grants 8% increased Attack Damage and Ability Power, 16% for the 2nd kill and 24% for the 3rd one.

If you give more than 1 of this dragon to the enemy team, you really like playing with fire *winks*. That buff scale so well in late game, which is the moment where you should have a few items completed. In addition, if you can stack it 3 times, it acts like a small Rabadon Deathcap (gives 35% Ability Power), but in hybrid form!


Cloud Drake

A dragon from the sky to helps you outmaneuver your opponents on the map.

Cloud Drake

Slaying the Cloud Drake gives a buff called Stratus Walk. It permanently grants your team 15 bonus movement speed while out of combat, 30 for the 2nd kill and 45 for the 3rd one.

Well used, this buff gives you the power to toy with your opponents by making them move a bit everywhere, but because you’re faster, you should win almost every race. I really think this drake goes well with the Mountain one, because if your goal is to win the game by focusing objectives, the Cloud Drake will give you the movement speed needed while the Mountain Drake will provide you a huge amount of bonus true damage to melt down every towers, Barons and Dragons.


Ocean Drake

This drake is there to provide you an advantage for sieging and poking.

Ocean Dragon

Defeating an Ocean Drake will give you the Heart of Oceans buff, which permanently provides a regeneration effect that restores 10% of your missing health and mana every 18 seconds, 12 seconds for the 2nd kill and 6 seconds for the 3rd one.

This is an important buff to get. With the upcoming patch, Riot is really changing mana regeneration on items. You’ll have to do something to have some mana back. A good example is the Tear of the Goddess which will now give a big 0% mana regeneration, but will refunds 15% of the mana you spent. The Ocean Drake buff will be the only way to recover mana (if we exclude runes and blue buff) by doing nothing. I believe it has a good synergy with the Infernal Drake, but I still prefer the Cloud-Mountain combo, because you can run away from that incoming damage. But, I still think this is a must to have, because running out of mana on a mana dependant champion is pretty sad.

It’s good to know that Riot confirmed that only 3 elements dragons will spawn in a game. Teams will have to adapt their game depending on the spawning dragons in this latest LoL update.


Elder Drake

At 35 minutes mark, the Elemental Dragons will leave their place for the Elder Drake to help you burn your enemies.

Elder Drake

Slaying the Elder Drake will provide 2 buffs of 120 seconds each. The first one, called Cruel Ultimatum, will cause your basic attack and spells to burn your opponent for 45 damage (+ 45 damage for every elemental dragon buff stack) over 3 seconds. The second one is called Elder Mastery and will increase the strength of Elemental Dragon buffs by 50%.

In other words, if you let that dragon fall in the enemy hands, you might have some problems to getting over that. Especially if you let the other team have a lot of dragon’s stacks. Imagine if your opponent has 3 stacks of Infernal Drake. With the Elder Dragon buff, they’ll do to you 180 burn damage over 3 seconds for every basic attack or spell ( 45 base damage + 45 for each stack ) + his 24% increased Attack Damage and Ability power will now be at 36%, which is insane! The Elder Drake respawns 10 minutes after he’s been killed, so be sure that if you survive the first one to be ready for the second one.

My final thought about the new dragons in latest LoL update: Amazing addition to the game! It will force the teams to don’t simply let them go and fight hard for the buffs. I even think they’ll be more important than the Baron buff, simply because they’ll impact a lot the game and you don’t lose them if you die, unlike the Baron buff.


Rift Herald only has 1 life

The Rift Herald will go through some major changes too.
Rift Herald

Instead of spawning at 4 minutes in the game, it will now appear at the 6 minutes mark. It’ll be way harder to kill and the best in all that: It can only be killed one time, because it doesn’t respawn anymore.
Yes, you read well, only 1 player will have the new buff called Glimpse of the Void, which reduce the incoming damage from enemy champions by 5% and builds charges of corruption. At 100 stacks, you deal 15-270 magic damage (at levels 1-18) by using all the stacks. Good to note that the damage is halved for ranged champion. So yes, if you want to have the best efficiency from this buff, give it to a melee champion. You think I’m done? Well you’re wrong! The best part is that the buff duration has been increased to 20 minutes and you don’t lose it if you die. Pretty crazy isn’t?


Blue & Red buff

There are a few nice changes for those 2 buffs to make them much more important later in the game.

Red&Blue Buff


The red buff will now burn the target on hit and the biggest improvement is that after level 11, the red buff will give you 9% maximum health regeneration instead of 1% ( level 1 ) and 3% ( level 6 ), which is pretty sweet and make the buff more viable late game in this latest LoL update.

The blue buff mana regeneration is now at 5 + 1% of maximum mana per level ( instead of 5 + 0.5% ) and the interesting thing is that it now gives 15% ability power instead of 2-36 ( at levels 1-18 )

It’s nice to see that the jungle will now be really important anytime in the game. If you want to know more about the latest LoL update 6.9 patch, click here.

Tell us what you think about the new latest LoL update!



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