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Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) broadcast talent Mohan “launders” Govindasamy publicly responded to rape allegations from former partner Melanie “Passionite.” On June 24, Passionite posted a statement expressing accusations against launders for allegedly raping her in 2017. According to her report, launders assaulted her after she denied sexual advances because she didn’t feel well.

Recently, a wave of women sharing their stories regarding harassment and sexual assault has taken social media by storm. It’s important for members of the community to be open to victims. Equally important is for the accusee to have the liberty to defend themselves as they see fit. As a result, we’ve found ourselves amidst a constant “he said, she said” situation.

Launders shares his side

Today, launders posted a document in response to Passionite’s statement. He started his defense by saying writing about this situation is difficult for him because he “cannot refute events that did not happen.” Instead, he intended to add context to the relationship and explain “why Melanie may have made (the allegations).” Launders explained he broke off the relationship several months after it began because it was toxic. He shared screenshots from Passionite depicting her in an emotionally unstable state. According to the screenshots, Passionite was threatening suicide and saying she was going to tell everyone it was his fault.

Next, he claimed he called in a wellness check for Passionite, despite her saying she’d tell the police he assaulted her if he did. He said he cannot confirm whether any officials were sent to her residence. Launders ultimately concluded, “The allegations made by Melanie on 25th June 2020 follow a pattern of behaviour where she would threaten to hurt herself or threaten to falsely accuse me of sexual assault to stop me from calling the police.”

One of Passionite’s primary pieces of evidence for her accusation is a screenshot she posted reminding him of his alleged sexual assault. He did not address that screenshot directly in his statement. Instead, he took responsibility for his “lack of judgment in instigating the relationship.” He suggested the situation was a result of her young age and mental health issues. Passionite has not responded to his statement as of yet.

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