Christ Greeley, commissioner of the LCS, has officially released a statement concerning the allegations of racism and threats made by Amit Raizada, part of Echo Fox’s ownership group. The statement was posted to the lolesports Twitter page following an investigation into the organization.

The LCS’s statement

The statement makes it clear that appropriate action, in this case, would mean completely severing ties with Amit Raizada. Ideally, this move by Riot Games would ensure Echo Fox’s founder, Rick Fox, would not leave the organization. In a recent interview, Rick Fox said that he would consider not selling his share of the organization if Raizada was removed. Rick Fox is clearly valuable to Riot Games as both an investor and an involved owner. Not only does he care about his organization and esports in general, but he also acts as a bridge between traditional sports and growing esports.

This statement also sets a standard for organizations going forward. Players and coaches facing disciplinary action are not new to League of Legends or Echo Fox. The stance that Riot Games takes here, however, means that even those financially tied to organizations will face the same rules and standards. As esports continues to grow, Riot and others will continue to hold organizations to a more professional level.

Echo Fox’s decisions

Echo Fox faces two options: completely remove Raizada from the organization, or face undisclosed penalties. Of course, the first option makes the most sense from an outsider’s perspective. Not only do you have the best odds at retaining Rick Fox, but you also create a better work environment for everybody involved. No one should take the threat of formal action against Echo Fox lightly. While we do not know what actions the LCS would take, it is hard to think of actions that wouldn’t seriously impact the value of the organization in the eyes of shareholders.

The LCS has determined that Amit Raizada’s “disassociation” with the team is not enough. Echo Fox must remove him completely within 60 days, or else the LCS will take action.

Do you think Rick Fox will stay with the Echo Fox organization? What do you think about the ruling of the LCS? We’ll keep you updated on anything that does or doesn’t happen within the next 60 days!

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