The LCS drama, which started with the Regi interview and Tryndamere Reddit comment, continues to develop. A posting of Mark ‘ Tryndamere ‘ Merrill’s TwitLonger response on Reddit provoked reactions from the community. It also caught HTC eSports’ attention.

How HTC eSports Got Involved

Tryndamere responded to Reddit user xHaptic’s comment regarding Riot’s introduction of Revenue sharing. According to Tryndamere, Riot is already sharing revenue on several items such as summoner icons, and have already increased the percentage of share. He also said that Riot is “committed to finding additional revenue sharing opportunities“. Some of which have been discussed with team owners.

A reddit user, Zarifff, then asked Tryndamere why Riot did not agree with TSM doing a patron event for HTC, and promoting said event on TSM’s YouTube channel. Zarifff asked, “Is it because they were promoting a VR game?

Riot staff RiotMagus then responded that the endorsement wasn’t an HTC ad. He said that it was a promotion for a VR video game (Raw Data). He also claimed it was a “tactic advertisement” for another game.

HTC Statement: The Gist

HTC eSports saw these comments and posted an official HTC eSports statement on their Facebook page in response. Here’s the gist:

  • Riot previously asked TSM to take down the Raw Data video or they will be fined
  • HTC claims that they did not intend for the Raw Data video to go against Riot’s endorsement rules
  • The Raw Data ad serves to demonstrate the capabilities of the Vive
  • Survios, the creators of Raw Data, took no part in the decision and did not make any financial investments
  • TSM selected the game themselves as they thought it would appeal to their fanbase the most

HTC said, “We simply cannot market the Vive without people playing it and showing the gameplay, and we hope that Magus and others at Riot eSports will understand this.

HTC also believes that this issue warrants another discussion regarding Riot’s endorsement rules. They ask, “What is the difference between an LCS player streaming Deus Ex and making a Youtube video of a Vive game?

The HTC eSports team believes that patrons have become very limited and restricted in marketing their brands while supporting the League of Legends scene. They also said that there is a lack of marketing opportunities at competitions and stringent restrictions on teams and players.  Because of this, it is becoming increasingly hard to justify investments made to the scene. HTC then calls on Riot to set “clear and reasonable guidelines” regarding endorsement and marketing opportunities.

Jelyn Hermosa submitted this article for Daily eSports.

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