League of Legends: Akali rework revealed

League of Legends champion Akali is finally getting a rework

It is now official – Akali is finally getting a rework. Riot has been working on her rework for quite some time and now we have been given a full look at her new kit as a video leaked online.

A high-tier Akali main YouTuber and streamer Professor Akali was invited by Riot Games to their headquarters to give some insight on the champion’s rework and he was due to release a video detailing Akali’s new abilities. He uploaded the video as private but included it in a playlist, where everyone could see it. The video has since been taken down. However, her new kit and other features have been listed on a Reddit thread. Also, Riot has since uploaded Akali’s new champion teaser featuring her rework and giving hints on what her abilities are going to look like.

Akali’s initial identity was maintained – she is still a bursty assassin with high mobility and huge outplay capability. She has a new, improved shroud which, when used properly, can have a huge impact on the game.

Her new abilities are presented below:

Assassin’s Mark (Innate)

Dealing spell damage to a champion creates a circle around them. Crossing the circle causes Akali’s next attack to have a doubled range, deal bonus magic damage scaling with attack damage and ability power, and restores 10 energy.

Assassin's Mark

Five Point Strike (Q)

Deals AoE damage by throwing out blades in a cone. Enemies caught by the tip of the ability are slowed. At max rank and if cast at full energy, Akali heals for a large amount and her Q will deal bonus damage to monsters and minions.

Five Point Strike

Twilight Shroud (W)

Drops a spreading cover of smoke lasting five seconds. The smoke obscures Akali from enemy vision and grants 20% movement speed. The smoke travels outward from a central point. Entering or exiting the smoke extends Twilight Shroud’s duration. Twilight Shroud is immune to all forms of true sight, including turrets and fountain laser.

Twilight Shroud

Shuriken Flip (E)

Akali performs a backflip while sending out a shuriken in the opposite direction which deals physical damage. If that shuriken hits an enemy or lands in her Twilight Shroud, she can recast her E to dash to where it landed from any distance. The backflip can go over walls and small terrain.

Shuriken Flip

Perfect Execution (R)

A skillshot ability that gives Akali two dashes which don’t require a target. The first dash applies a mini-stun and deals physical damage to any targets hit. The second executes with magic damage, dealing extra damage depending on how much health the target is missing.

Akali will also likely get a visual update, including a new character model. Additionally, it has been confirmed that she will receive a new splash art, which was designed by Jessica Oyhenart – a visual designer and illustrator for Riot Games.

League of Legends champion Akali is finally getting a rework

New splash art by Jessica Oyhenart.

As of yet, it is unknown when the rework will go live. However, we can expect it to appear in 8.16 or 8.17 PBE patch rotation.

Akali’s new kit was designed by CertainlyT, who also designed champions like Darius, Yasuo, Thresh, and Zoe. The new abilities perfectly complement each other. She looks mechanically difficult but also incredibly fun to play. Pro players and one-tricks will have a great place to show off.

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