Tinder has finally been discovered in the League of Legends universe! Summoner’s Rift is crawling with beautiful beings from all corners of the universe and we’ve stumbled across a few that are looking for something steady outside of their time spent fighting for summoners in League of Legends. Don’t miss out on your chance to swipe right on some of the hottest and most elusive beings the Rift has to offer!

Gentleman Cho'Gath Tinder Profile Ahri Tinder Profile

After serenading Void beauties daily, Cho’Gath is on our plane and looking for love. Be ready for a feast on the first date. As for Ahri? She knows she’s got the charm and she uses it well. She’s dashing her way into hearts everywhere, and she’s doing it for the clout.

Taric Profile Teemo League of Legends Tinder Profile

The Gem of the Rift is just that… a gem. Missing out on a chance at love with the League’s most eligible bachelor would be… truly outrageous. The Rift’s Little Devil is also looking for a little love, but be careful with this one. He has a propensity to bring his magic mushrooms to the first date.

Rift Herald Shelly League of Legends Tinder Profile

10,000 years after the passing of Rift Gerald, Shelly is ready to love again.

Would you swipe right on any of these Legends looking for love? Which do you think would make the best first date? And which League of Legends champions or characters from your other favorite games would you like to see sign up for Tinder next? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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