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Liyab Esports is a Filipino organization that will compete in the upcoming season of the Pacific Championship Series (PCS). The organization was formerly known as Mineski. The Mineski organization started back in 2004, with the League of Legends division dating back to 2012.

The Liyab Esports roster so far

Liyab Esports is still in the process of revealing the members of its new League of Legends team. Thus far, however, they have announced three of their new players. First, the team confirmed that two players from its 2019 roster will remain for another year. The first of these is Eric “Exosen” Gutatan. In the 2019 season, Exosen competed in the mid-lane position. However, amid rumors of a new mid laner joining the roster, he is confirmed to have switched roles to the bot lane.

The other returning player is the team’s Jungler, Edrian “DoeDoii” Brancia. Exosen and DoeDoii were both a part of the team that managed to win the SEA Invitational of 2019. Besides this, the old Liyab roster managed to place 1st in the Philippines Pro Gaming League (PPGL) Season 1, and they took 2nd place in PPGL seasons 2 and 3.

The final confirmed player of the roster is Kang “Kurd” Yeong-hwan. We know nothing about this new Korean talent. Most likely, Kurd previously played under a different name that he has not revealed yet. However, at this point, there is no way to know this for sure. We first learned about the signing of Kurd through the Global Contract Database of League of Legends when he and the new rumored mid laner were added to the contract database.

Liyab Esports Kurd PCS

The unannounced new mid laner

The unannounced mid laner of the roster looks to be none other than Kim “Rex” Tae-yeon. Rex, formerly known as Eisen, is a recently discovered talent in the Korean scene. He was noticed when he competed alongside some of the top young Korean trainees in the 2019 Kespa Cup. One player on the team that competed in the Kespa Cup was An “Meaning” Ji-min, who has recently been signed as the new trainee for Gen.G.

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