Daily Esports brings you a recap of the Manila Major Main Event Day 4!

As we are getting closer to the grand finals, events are heating up. Teams in the lower bracket are aiming to take a spot on the top 5. ‘Do or Die’ series unfold and Dota 2 fanatics are betting on their favorite teams.

Here’s a quick peek at the events of Manila Major Day 4:


Although Liquid took an early lead in game 1, Na ‘VI managed to bring back the momentum to their favour after their impressive defence on their T3 tower. Liquid completely controlled the game after Na ‘VI failed to take Roshan. The 2nd game seemed even until Liquid wiped out Na ‘VI and pushed straight on the opponent’s Ancient. And Na ‘Vi, for the second time, called GG.


Both teams were able to have one win each after an intense gameplays. However, the concluding game was in favour of LGD. LGD won clash after clash and they seemed to be securing their spot in the tournament. VG Reborn can’t help but say GG.


Team Liquid seems to be consistent with their exceptional gameplays. After eliminating Na ‘Vi, they successfully eliminated Fnatic. Game 1 was easily taken by Liquid exuding their consistency on team fights. Fnatic didn’t make it easy for Liquid to have game 2. Fnatic showed efficiency on ganks but Liquid quickly responded with their constant pickoffs. Liquid wiped out Fnatic after taking T3 and barracks. The GG was called by Fnatic and the series ended with a clean score of 2-0.

That’s the wrap up for the 4th day of Manila Major. Keep yourself posted with the happenings on Manila Major and don’t forget to share it with us. Is your favorite team still on the event?

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