Day One of Manila Majors concluded with a lot of unexpected results and so many epic team fights. It was truly a nail-biting experience for those who were fortunate enough to watch.


Photo from: Wykhrm Reddy

Manila Majors: As expected from the EPICENTER 2nd place finishers and former The International champions, Chinese Team Newbee dominated Group A with a total of 4 wins, 0 losses.  They displayed the same finesse and coordination that made them the longest undefeated team in competitive Dota 2. They took the long route to the Majors by defeating other Chinese hopefuls at the China Qualifiers. By taking out North American team Complexity and taking down Frankfurt Major winner OG, they secured themselves a spot in the upper bracket of the main event in Manila Majors.

Even though OG lost to powerhouse Newbee, they were still able to cinch second place with 4 wins, 3 losses. They will also be playing in the upper bracket at the main event. Another Group A contender, Team Empire found themselves in the lower bracket after losing twice to OG and Newbee. Team Complexity, despite receiving a direct invitation to the Manila Majors, did not do so well with 0 wins and 4 losses.



Photo from: Wykhrm Reddy

As for Group B, there is only one thing stuck in people’s minds. Na’Vi is back! This legendary team is undoubtedly the most popular name in the history of the game. Despite huge successes some years back, they hit a slump after losing to newer teams in recent major tournaments. However, in this tournament, they showed they mean business when they outplayed Team Secret in the upper bracket and DC Gaming in the second round. They showed just how badly they want to win by becoming an unstoppable force with a score of 4:0. They will advance to the upper bracket along with Newbee and OG in the main event.



DC Gaming showed they could definitely hold their own against the top teams from all over the world. DC surprisingly managed to win over ESL-One champs Wings in a hard fought 2-1 match, and again in a more decisive match 2-0. Sadly losing to Na’Vi after an incredible 91-minute game, (viewable in the youtube feed below) this team straight from the American Qualifiers proved themselves worthy of the title just the same. They ended up with a 4 wins-3 losses record entering the Upper Bracket in the main event.




Video: Youtube/DotADigest

Team Secret, despite being a huge fan favorite in the community, did not do so well. Many speculated that their poor performance was due to the constant reshuffling of its members. It is important to note that DC’s w33 and MiSeRy were former members of Team Secret before being replaced earlier this year. Wings managed to beat them in the lower bracket 2-1. Both teams will have to fight tooth and nail going into the lower bracket joining Team Empire and Complexity in the main event.

Day One of Manila Major was surely a surprise for everyone. Considering how well most teams are performing, it’s nearly impossible to guess who will be crowned victors of the Manila Majors this year. With popular teams not performing as expected in Manila Major and old teams achieving former glory, this could be anyone’s game.

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