Manila Major: After a shocking group stage in which both EG and Secret got thrown in the lower bracket, the surprises continue on the first day of the main event.

The first match of the Manila Major featured Team Liquid and MVP Phoenix. Liquid were the clear favorite to win the major. However, with their 2-0 loss to MVP they will need to fight their way through the rest of the lower bracket.  The initial thirty minutes of the first game had MVP and Liquid neck and neck, but MVP’s aggressive draft was too much for MATUMBAMAN’  Ursa as he went 2/12.  The s They went with a strong push comp, but QO’ Slardar just destroyed their plan as he went 17/5.

The second upper bracket match was OG facing Na’Vi, another 2-0 series in favor of OG. The first game was pretty  straight forward, OG dominated from the first minute and both Miracle and BigDaddy finished the game with no deaths. The entire team got 24 total kills, dying only six times. Second game was another big one for Miracle. He showed us once again his 9,000 MMR skills with his signature Invoker and carried his whole team on his shoulders. His team had 27 kills, Miracle having 17 of them with 0 deaths once again.

The four other matchups were the lower bracket elimination games.

The first one featured one of the best North American teams, Complexity, and the second favorite Chinese team for the Manila Major, Wings. The Chinese moved early on to control the game, they built an advantage and built on it for 25 minutes.  However, Wings  greedy Tiny/Alchemist draft got figured out in the mid-late game and Complexity managed to take the game.

Mineski/Alliance was the next game. It was a very back and forth game with mistakes from both parties, but Loda’s Bristleback worked . He was literally peeling for the 4 members of his team while they would just harass Mineski from range.  The Filipinos still looked very proud of their local team. Mineski played pretty good, they couldn’t get out of the bottom four, something most people expected.

Evil Geniuses was facing Vici Gaming Reborn for the third lower bracket match of the Manila Major. Evil Geniuses looked very strong in the first 15 or 20 minutes as they were controlling every aspect of the game. However, they started making a lot of mistakes as END’s Lifestealer started to kick in.  He finished 14/1/19, leaving EG in a very disappointing position . This was only the second time in 38 tournaments that EG were kicked in the first round.

Team Secret’s decline continued as fellow European Team Empire defeated them once more.  Team Empire played very good, but Secret had a very bad performance. They tried to catch up the whole game, but they couldn’t do it and called GG after only 32 minutes.

With the first day of the Manila Major, we’ve seen a lot of unexpected  things happen. I really hope Day 2 continues to show us good games and many good plays as Digital Chaos will face the Chinese powerhouse Newbee.  There will also have the classic rivalry Na’Vi versus Alliance and Team Liquid facing Complexity during the day. It should be another interesting day going into the second round of the Manila Major lower bracket.

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