Another great day of Dota ends in Manila, Two more teams get eliminated.

Day Two opened Manila with a series that could have easily been grand final worthy. Digital Chaos and Newbee clashed in an incredible show of force. Newbee was dominant as always in Game 1 as they beat Digital Chaos 20-6 within 33 minutes. Digital Chaos managed to win Game 2 on the back of w33’s Invoker and Resolut1on’s Lycan. In the final game of the series, an enraged Newbee upset from Game 2, replicated their play from Game 1 and defeated Digital Chaos 27-6 with clutch plays from KaKa and ChuaN, sending Digital Chaos to the lower bracket to face Vici Gaming Reborn.

Day two wasn’t over yet in Manila, LGD-Gaming faced Fnatic, a team who no one expected anything from.  LGD won Game 1 with Maybe outplaying Fnatic with his Timbersaw. Fnatic managed to  win the Game 2 with Mushi’s Medusa and MidOne’s Terrorblade picks. With the fate of both teams relying on Game 3, both teams picked a team-fight heavy lineup. Mushi’s Death Prophet got punished heavily early game, but MidOne was able to draw out the game with his Phantom Lancer. As both teams approached late game, LGD were at an barracks advantage, but Fnatic were able to run away with the series by clutch plays from DJ on Enigma, sealing the series 2-1 against LGD, sending them to face Team Empire in the lower bracket.

Newbee and Fnatic will face in the Upper Bracket semi-finals Thursday June 9th at 8 AM EST.

Lower bracket match-ups were just as exciting as the upper bracket ones. Complexity Gaming was facing Team Liquid for the first best of three in the lower bracket (round one being best of one). First game was close but at around 30 minutes, Team Liquid pulled ahead and never looked behind again. Game 2 was a follow up to Game 1’s end. Team Liquid steamrolled and moved forward in the lower bracket. Team Liquid proved why they were favorites to win the whole tournament.

The day ended with the El Classico, Alliance versus NA’VI. The former opened with a victory, although Alliance’s early game was bumpy, they were able to create space for AdmiralBulldog’s Broodmother to farm. Once Brood was ready, they nibbled away towers until they were fully ready to take high-ground. In Game 2, Alliance was looking strong, and were on the verge to eliminate NA’VI, but they snatched defeat out of victory’s jaw. NA’VI managed to turn their Huskar, played by Ditya Ra, into a raid boss. Eventually, Alliance’s magic damage based cores couldn’t do anything against Huskar and called GG. In Game 3, NA’VI managed to secure the infamous Dendi’s Invoker pick. Alliance led early game on farm, but NA’VI quickly turned the tides and pulled ahead to easily take Game 3.

NA’VI and Team Liquid will face each other in the next round of the lower bracket.

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