With Wins Today OG & Newbee Guaranteed Top Three at Event

Manila Major Main Event Day 3 has come to a conclusion. The day had both casters and audiences wowed by OG’s exceptional skill and finesse in dismantling MVP Phoenix with their 2-0 victory. The games of Manila Major Main Event Day 3 today also resulted in Empire being knocked out meaning that Na’Vi has become the last remaining CIS team. And with DC being eliminated by Vici Gaming-Reborn (VG-R) this leaves no remaining North American teams.

However, the biggest news of today in Manila Major Main Event Day 3 was OG’s domination of MVP. Despite MVP looking on good form throughout the Group Stages and in their game against Liquid; the Korean team completely lost their composure against OG. Their matchup ended with OG taking a shutout victory in game two with no deaths and a kill score of 24 – 0.

The standings at the end of Manila Major Main Event Day 3 have OG and Newbee securing two of the top three placements at the event with their respective wins today over MVP and FNATIC. With Empire and DC being eliminated from the tournament, VG-R will play LGD tomorrow to see which Chinese team will face the Koreans of MVP on day 5.

Tomorrow we’ll see VG-R vs. LGD and Liquid vs. Na’Vi in the round three lower-bracket matchup, followed by the winner of Liquid vs. Na’Vi playing against FNATIC as the final matchup of the day. The two upper-bracket teams OG and Newbee will mostly practice for their games against each other coming up on Saturday. Despite Newbee having already beaten OG in the group stages last week, OG did have an amazing day three with their incredible performance against MVP. Thus I suspect the Newbee vs. OG matchup on Saturday will surely be on all of the caster’s radars. I also expect these games will be both long and intense as a result of how balanced these two power-house teams are right now.

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