Liquid upsets Newbee to take the second Grand Final spot; OG defeats them to take their second Major win.

The first best-of-three of the day was to decide the second finalist of the Manila Major: Newbee versus Team Liquid. Newbee showed their superiority in Game 1 as Hao’s Juggernaut made it to 11 kills, 1 death, and 11 assists. Everything was going their way: kills, towers, farm; Newbee took the first game in 30 minutes. The second game started really differently as MinD_ContRol went 5/0 with an offlane Weaver. The advantage, however, was only mildly in  Liquid’s favor. Newbee’s hard to kill comp resisted a while longer before succumbing in a disastrous Roshan fight, they were not able to finish Death Prophet, who just killed them one by one. Liquid then started to get a good lead, winning after 40 minutes. The third and final game have been the most surprising, after leading for the first 30 or so minutes, Newbee got destroyed in a fight, calling GG five minutes later. Both teams had a strong AOE team, but in the end, Liquid used it better.

Team Liquid used their momentum to take the first game of the best-of-five Grand Final in 38 minutes. The team used a strong melee attacker combo to dismantle OG’s greedy comp. OG didn’t build a huge lead in Game 2, but they always had it. They finished with 25 more kills than Team Liquid and equalized the series. For the third game, OG decided to go with a very similar team comp, picking Juggernaut, Faceless Void as well as Phoenix. Once again, it worked great against Team Liquid and they won the game, leading the whole time. The fourth game was when OG showed the variety of heroes they can pick, choosing Wraith King and Templar Assassin over the usual carries they pick. This game has been very intense, as no team led by a significant amount of gold or XP for the first 30 minutes or so. OG’s picks then started to get ahead in terms of survivability, leading to a 47 minutes win. No fifth game was required to decide the winner.

The European region has crowned their third champion in three Majors so far. Interesting fact as the same three European teams has been finalists twice in those three Majors, one of them winning both times: OG. After surprising everybody in a Lower Bracket run in Frankfurt, OG did a strong appearance in Manila as they took the Upper Bracket spot for the Grand Final.

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