Part 1 of the Manila Major Predictions: Heroes.

With the Manila Major Predictions locked earlier today, I would like to share with you my personal predictions for the Manila Major. These predictions, by no means, reflect the opinions of Daily eSports as a whole. Starting off, we have the Manila Major predictions for heroes.

Most Picked: Phoenix

After OG’s dominating performance with Fly on this hero, as well as many top tier Chinese teams including him in their lineup, Phoenix is sure to be picked a lot at the Manila Major. Other safe picks include Invoker, Earth Spirit, and Lion.

Most Banned: Beastmaster

Beastmaster was the second most banned at the EPICENTER tournament in Moscow, but the most contested Bounty Hunter is starting to fall out of favor. Beastmaster accomplishes more with the capability to solo offlane and set up reliable ganks with his ultimate.

Highest Win Rate: Venomancer

This is nearly impossible to predict, but, I’m going to be brave and pick Venomancer, which Wings Gaming plays a lot in the core position. Other predictions made have included Gyrocopter, Lycan, Slark, Tidehunter…

Highest Kill Average: Templar Assassin

You rarely see TA games, as she is usually picked up only to counter the opponents’ midlaners. This being said, she is often given advantageous matchups when she is picked, which tends to secure her a smooth laning phase leading to many kills in the mid game.

Highest Assist Average: Dark Seer

The Ion Shell makes it so easy for Dark Seer to get assists. All he has to do is Ion Shell his core before the fight, and that’s an instant five assists. Also, let’s not forget the potential Blink into Vaccum/Wall combo. Other picks include Tidehunter and Spectre.

Lowest Death Average: Lone Druid

Lone Druid is a hero that never frontlines; he sends his Spirit Bear to fight for him. In the late game, this gets even easier, as he can pick up an Aghanim’s Scepter. Statistically, LD had one of the lowest death rates in both EPICENTER and DreamLeague 5.

Highest Last Hit Average: Naga Siren

This is a no brainer. No matter the game, as long as Naga has her Radiance and BoTs, she will continue to farm. No lane control? Farm the jungle. No jungle vision? Illusions don’t care. Barracks being taken? Push the lanes.

Highest GPM average: Alchemist

Even after the Greevil’s Greed nerf, Alchemist is still the easiest hero to farm with. The average GPM on this hero is nearly 900; the AVERAGE GPM is NEARLY 900. To put that in context, that’s around 250 average GPM more than any other hero (save Naga). *Drops the mic*

Most Kills in a Game: Spectre

We’ve seen many convincing Spectre games from many different teams. Players like EternalEnvy have shown that Spectre can get kills in the late game, and players like Hao have shown that the same is possible in the early game. Spectre’s just a great hero that many teams will pick, maximizing the chance for a gorefest with Spectre coming out on top.

Most Last Hits in a Game: Naga Siren

If the game has gone past an hour, it means that Naga is having a great game. Which means she has a lot of last hits. Potentially into the 1k range. (Unless it’s a support Naga).

Stay tuned for Parts 2 through 4 of the Manila Major Predictions!

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