Part 3 of the Manila Major Predictions: Players.

With the Manila Major Predictions locked earlier today, I would like to share with you my personal predictions for the Manila Major. These predictions, by no means, reflect the opinions of Daily eSports as a whole. Here are the Manila Major predictions for teams.

Player with Highest Kill Average: Miracle-

9 0 0 0 M A T C H M A K I N G P O I N T S means complete domination of the mid lane. While position 1 carries tend to take 20 or so minutes to get online, the midlaner tends to be the most capable early game ganker and fighter. And Miracle- just happens to be one of the most consistent midlaners of the game.

Player with Most Kills in a Game: Miracle-

We’ve seen what Miracle- can do with a great early game. He completely crushes the opponent in the mid game, that’s what. He utilizes his heroes so well in the mid game, and often single handedly carries his team to victory while their opponents focus down N0tail’s baits.

Player with Lowest Death Average: MATUMBAMAN

MATUMBAMAN is a rather safe player for a carry in the EU scene. He knows his timings and rarely overextends; his team plays a very safe style as well. Not to mention, he plays a lot of Lone Druid. A LOT.

Player with Highest Assists Average: kaka

kaka might have replaced fy as the greatest support in DotA 2. He is one of the most selfless supports in the scene, and played a crucial role in the revival of Newbee in the recent shuffle. He ensures that his cores are getting everything they need, and has the statistics backing him up to prove that he’s doing it right.

Player with Most Assists in a Game: kpii

kpii plays really killer offlaners like Tidehunter and Dark Seer to their maximum potential. In the last few months, one could say he has been the most consistent offlaner of the game. As previously mentioned, he often has over 30 assists, even in the games Newbee lose.

Player with Highest Last Hit Average: EternalEnVy

If Secret doesn’t get far in the tournament, Envy will have last hits. If Secret get far in the tournament, it will be because he has last hits. He has stated in many interviews that he “just wants to get last hits” (Thoorin). He farms until he knows he can fight, and when his team is ahead, he doesn’t lose any of his farm efficiency. This is what Envy is known for… aside from his occasional unpredictable antics.

Player with Most Last Hits in a Game: Hao

Hao is hands down the most consistent position 1 carry this patch. He never has a game below 500 GPM, and averages around 200-300 last hits a game. We’re talking about short, 20-40 minute games, and he still averages 200-300 even in losses.

Player with Most GPM in a Game: Mu

Mu plays Alchemist well. bLink also plays Alchemist well. Pick your poison.

Player with Highest GPM Average: Hao

Again, consistency is key. Which is why I chose Hao. He has shown immaculate consistency in nearly all his games with Newbee these last few months. Rarely does he drop below 500 GPM, even in losses; see his losses in the EPICENTER Grand Finals for proof.

Player with Most Different Heroes: Miracle-

Miracle- plays a lot of different midlaners. Perhaps not as much as w33, but OG is likely to go further than DC. Miracle also has unconventional builds for these heroes. Since his debut, Miracle- has been some sort of a trend setter in the DotA 2 community. Players of all skill brackets try to emulate his creativity in the midlane. Although at the end of the day, this prediction is all about which team will go furthest in the tournament.

Stay tuned for Part 4 of the Manila Major Predictions!

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