Part 2 of the Manila Major Predictions: Teams.

With the Manila Major Predictions locked earlier today, I would like to share with you my personal predictions for the Manila Major. These predictions, by no means, reflect the opinions of Daily eSports as a whole. Here are the Manila Major predictions for teams.

Winner of Manila: Wings Gaming

Why Wings? This is honestly a YOLO pick, considering their semi-dominance of the Chinese scene and their short yet dominant run at ESL. They have unconventional picks that throw other teams off, which might play to their advantage. However, safer picks include Newbee, OG, Liquid, and Secret, because why not?

Most Kills in a Game: Newbee

Newbee is great at capitalizing on victorious skirmishes. When they win an engagement, they take that momentum and amplify it, similar to what OG does. If Newbee doesn’t come through, OG is also a safe pick. If you want to take the risky approach though, NaVi and Empire might be strong contenders, as they occasionally play very early aggressive games that last all the way until 90 minutes, with a final kill total of 80-100.

Highest Kill Average: OG

I chose OG over Newbee because I think OG will actually go further in the tournament, believe it or not. Since Miracle- hit 9k and Fly started playing Phoenix, they have looked rather unstoppable. Newbee, on the other hand, hasn’t looked the hottest in the last week or two, drawing and sometimes falling to other Chinese teams.

Fewest Deaths in a Game: Newbee

I would love to say Wings, but they’re a less predictable team, and do not quite have the experience Newbee has. They are both known to dominate some games with scores resembling 20-3, but I chose Newbee because I think they’re less prone to make mistakes, though they may be more predictable.

Most Assists in a Game: Newbee

This is based off of the many 50-60 minute games Newbee have played in which kpii has completely owned the laning stage and the late game. He consistently comes out with 30+ assists, and combined with the rest of the team – I’m just fanboying at this point. OG is your next safe bet if you think I’m too biased here.

Winner of the Longest Game: OG

This might be the hardest to predict. In the late game, the team to make the first mistake is team that loses. Thus, I picked OG because they’re very coherent, save for occasional overextensions. Many people considered Secret, but I cannot put my confidence in Secret until they actually prove themselves. Even if they play a bit more coherently than they did at Epicenter, I don’t think they can best a team like OG, who have stayed together since their formation.

Winner of the Shortest Game: Liquid

Liquid have been VERY consistent. They have also played quite a few 10-15 minute games, in which FATA and MinD_ContRoL completely dominated their lanes. I put my faith in the team that most predict will win the Major.

Highest Game Length Average: OG

Again, many considered Secret, but I personally feel like they might not even make it to the late game when they really need it. It all comes down to team chemistry, and that is definitely in abundance in a team like OG.

Most Different Heroes: Wings Gaming

They’re unpredictable, just like most new teams to the tier 1 scene. Unpredictability, which results in unpreparedness, is what makes you win these initial tournaments. Just look at CDEC’s TI5 run. They played such an aggressive style of DotA that the other teams were not used to, that it took all the way until the Grand Finals for EG to figure them out. Another option I considered was Digital Chaos, but given that this will be their first major LAN in a while, I don’t think they will go as far as Wings to be able to show off their entire arsenal of heroes.

Least Different Heroes: Mineski

Unfortunately, I don’t think Mineski will get any further than last place. Even their Frankfurt performance, which was above everyone’s expectations, makes them a contender for this prediction.

Stay tuned for Parts 3 through 4 of the Manila Major Predictions!

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