Since the return of  TI3 winning Alliance, every fans have been waiting for ”that big win”.

After EGM and S4 came back to Alliance, fans had great expectations for the team. They sure delivered a few good (or even great performances) but they fell short in the last few months, will they be able to bounce back at the Manila Major?

Alliance is composed of the same five players that won The International 2013 against Na’Vi. The only difference is Loda is now the captain, he’s also filling the role of hard carry. S4 is the mid-player, he is a well known Puck player. His million dollars Dream Coil is one of the most famous play in Dota 2. Admiral Bulldog is the offlaner, well at ease with any heroes Loda throws at him, he is a very potent Nature’s Prophet and Lone Druid. Akke and EGM are sharing the supports role. EGM and S4 are the one who left Alliance after the terrible performance at The International 2014. S4 came back in November of 2015 and EGM the next month.

Since the reformation of the latest No Tidehunter roster, Alliance won the World Cyber Arena and Star Ladder Star Series 13. Since Star Ladder 13, They got 3rd at the Captain’s Draft 3.0, 7th-8th at the Shanghai Major and 5th-6th at the Star Ladder I-League Invitational and Epicenter. Although they showed some good Dota at the Epicenter, Newbee was just too strong for them.

Everyone who follow Alliance want to see them perform well at the Manila Major. It is unlikely they will hold up high the trophy at the end of the tournament, but finishing top 5 would be a huge boost of confidence for the Alliance before the other big tournaments coming up this summer (including The International 2016). The reason I doubt of their capacity to win the tournament is not because they play poorly, au contraire, they play very good Dota and they are good player individually, but their team fights and draft are not on par with the other strong contenders going to Manila in two weeks.

Alliance can beat any team present at the Manila Major, even Team Liquid and OG who are coming in hot as lava in this tournament.

Manila Major Preview : Alliance

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