The Complexity took a long time to have real success, but there is no doubt right now that they are one of the top teams in the world.

Complexity is a long lasting North American Dota 2 team. They’ve been in the Dota 2 scene for 4 years now. However, The team had many roster changes which didn’t go as planned, making them disband for a pretty long time before picking up a new roster. Even with their disappointing results, Complexity still managed to gain a good fan-base, considering they are from the North American region. Now, all they do is grow it faster and faster!

Their current roster is composed by long lasting players swindlemelonzz and Zfreek as well as former NiP players Limmp and Handsken. The 1 role is fullfilled by Chessie, while Limmp, his brother, plays the hard carry role. Swindle is the offlaner and also the team captain. The two last players are playing the support role.


After The International 5, last summer, in which Complexity didn’t achieve so good, Complexity started getting a lot of attention. They weren’t in Frankfurt, but they finished in a very good spot in Shanghai : 5th place. It’s been the first time 2 North Americans team finished so high in a major tournament.  Now, looking into the next major, they placed pretty good in a couple of tournaments. They were 3-4th at Dota Pit Season 4, losing to MVP, 5-6th in Manila for the ESL One, where Complexity lost to Wings Gaming before they won the whole thing. They also have been defeated for the Epicenter by Newbee who almost won the tournament.

Complexity are now playing at the best they have ever been, but I do not think it will be enough to win in Manila. However, considering the teams that are invited, and the inconsistency of some, they should at least be able to finish in the top 8, maybe even top 5. We also can’t forget how Complexity can bring surprises once in a while, they might as well pull them out during a big tournament and place higher than we think.

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