Not the Digital Chaos you knew, but the Digital Chaos you should know.

DC is a very young team in eSports, its been created in August 2015 by DotaCinema CEO Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten. The starting roster of Digital Chaos was composed of Yawar, Bulba, TC, Biryu and Aui_2000. However, after the defeat of Cloud 9 in the first major, 1437 joined DC, sending Biryu in the sub position. The team was clearly one of the top North American teams, but was still not ready for the international scene.

After the huge roster changes of the post Shanghai Major roster lock, Digital Chaos was left with only one member due to the EG-Secret tidal wave. Resolution was left standing in the carry/middle position, w33 and MiSery, both left teamless by Secret, joined him to play the carry/middle position and the support. Finally, Moo, offlaner for the team, and 8000 MMR rating support player Saksa finalized the roster. Even if four of the players come from the European region, the team still plays in North America.

After not qualifying for both Epicenter and ESL One Frankfurt, only a couple of days after they got together, Digital Chaos worked hard to try and place better in the next qualifiers. It looks like all their effort paid as they qualified for every event since, beating Shazam twice in the upper bracket finals of respectively The Manila Major 2016 qualifier and the Nanyang Championships qualifiers. They have also beaten Complexity twice during last week, therefore qualifying for both the Summit 5 and the Starladder i-League.

I don’t think Digital Chaos have many chances in the major group stage, considering the fact that they are in a group with Secret and Wings, as well as Na’Vi. They also do not have much experience together in LAN events, making them one of the less likely team to go far in the tournament. However, in a close future, we will see DC going far in events and even win some as they have already proven to be one of the top American teams. After all, MiSeRy and w33 are still winners of the last major and finalists for the one before!

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