Will Evil Geniuses stay in the limelight?

Evil Geniuses continue to make their mark on the international competitive scenes. The players have proven themselves amongst the best in the world. With the Aegis of Champions in hand, EG is definitely a ‘team to beat’. Their unpredictable drafts associated with maximizing farm efficiency should be watched out by their opponents. Also, they have a notable map awareness similar to that of Team Secret.

EG’s roster is composed of Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling used to play as support and known for his ability to “carry as a support”. After a brief stint with Digital Chaos, he’s now back with EG as a clear-cut carry. Sam “BuLba” Sosale rejoined EG, the team he coached to the Aegis of Champions last TI5, as an offlane player. He is capable of bringing a tremendous amount of versatility. Clinton “Fear” Loomis is also known as the “Old Man Dota” for being a part of the first generation of North American Dota players. His role is a hard carry with his consistent stellar plays. Peter “ppd” Dager as the new captain of EG, was hailed one of the best drafters in the game. He plays as a support while taking over the drafting and shot-calling duties.
Sumail “Suma1l” Hassan Syed gathered a huge fan base for being a 15-year old player who helped EG capture the Aegis of Champions last summer. He gained a reputation for being a double-edged, very sharp sword playing mid position.
Although they had a recent roster change just in time of the spring shuffle deadline, they remained focused on their one goal—–to be the first team to have a back-to-back at The International. But before that, they have to put up an impressive performance in Manila. The Manila Major may be the defining ground for the team.

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