When talking about Chinese teams and our favorites, you don’t have to be a fan to like LGD!

LGD began as For The Dream, which won SMM 2009, later that year FTD was endorsed by LGD. The team has been a powerhouse of the Chinese scene ever since. They are title holders of the Asia 2012, G-1 Champions League and Dota 2 League Season 4. The roster is all Chinese and a mix of long-runners and newcomers.

Having xia08 (Xue Zhichuan) as their captain, with two 3rd places and as the captain of Newbee, winning team at TI4, many are predicting a bright future for this team. His current position on the team is offlane but he is a very versitile player with much to show. MMY! (Lei Zengrong), yet another DOTA2 veteran, is mainly known for his role as solo mid for EHOME during their domination in DotA in 2010. But this time around he will be supporting. With TI1 second place holder with EHOME, TI5 3rd place holder with LGD and some amazing Io plays seems like LGD is looking very strong. Supporting with him is September (Xue Zhichuan) coming from team CDEC. And yet another CDEC former player, smashing it on the carry role is Agressif (Sun Zheng). He is best known for, as his name states, very agressive gameplay and of course CDEC Cindarella story TI5 when they were able to beat some of the best teams and secure amazing 2nd place! Last but not least is Maybe (Lu Yao). Position 2 player and the youngest one on the team. He has consistently been near the top of the Chinese Dota 2 ladder and also a professional DOTA2 player since LGD picked him up. Stand in will be Banana (Wang Jiao), xiao8’s former teammate, also with a TI win under his belt.

LGD will have a well rounded team for the Manila Major. A lot of the players have played with eachother in the past, have won numerous titles and are well known in the Dota 2 community as one of the best China can offer. Xiao8 has proven before in the past that Chinese teams can pick up the meta changes very quickly, aren’t afraid to showcase their own original drafts, but at the same time follow the meta.

Since the lastest patch update they have been adapting pretty good. Don’t let the team’s massive experience fool you. Even though they are titles holders I sense a massive amount of hunger. They are currently the 3rd best Chinese team, starving to prove they can raise to the top!

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