With the last of the Majors happening in the Philippines, it is no surprise that Filipino team, Mineski, is feeling the pressure to win.

Some can say this team, Mineski, started it all for competitive e-sports gaming in their country. They all come from humble beginnings, with a group of friends initially playing together and participating in local tournaments of the now almost obsolete original Defense of the Ancients game. Back in 2004, it was just a group of guys playing for fun. Now more than ten years later, their name eventually went on to become a business franchise, with a chain of computer cafes and teams on different games representing the Filipino Gaming Community. Their main focus is to pave the way for e-sports to be recognized as a legitimate sport in the Philippines. They also serve to encourage a lot of young gamers to work hard to achieve their goals and eventually make a name for themselves. Mineski has truly come a long way, and they intend to do more. They do all this with hopes of further raising their home’s flag into this competitive world of professional gaming.

With Mineski being one of the longest running teams in E-sports history, they have seen their fair share of players coming and going. Just this April, they have switched out players yet again. Now confident, their new team consists of five very talented individuals. Julius “Julz” De Leon takes up the support role, having a solid five years of competitive gaming experience. Jun “Bok” Kanehara is known for his consistent offlane playstyle. Mark “Cast” Pilar who used to coach the team, will be replacing player JessieVash Cuyco who will now be the team’s sixth man. Ryan Jay “Bimbo” Qui is a solid contender for position 1, having shown outstanding moves in tournaments past. Newcomer Benhur Lawis, with a 7k solo MMR rank to his name, is a carry player who has yet to show what he is truly capable of.

Having lost the ESL-One tournament despite a huge home-court advantage, they seem more determined now more than ever to prove themselves worthy of recognition and to regain the waning support of their Filipino fans. If their surprising win from the losers’ bracket of the Manila Majors SEA Regional Qualifiers is an indication of what’s to come, it seems like there is more to this team than meets the eye. With their famous catchphrase “Laban” (fight) and “Puso” (heart), we can’t dismiss this team’s determination and willpower to earn the championship just yet. If they do win in the Majors, it would truly be an epic tale of victory against all odds.

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