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MVP Phoenix has been in the Dota scene for about 3 years now, but nobody really noticed them before a couple of months ago. It happened when they managed to finish fourth in the Shanghai Major and then won their first premier tournament, Dota Pit League Season 4 against Evil Geniuses. Now, they are considered one of the best teams in the world.

Their current and most known roster is composed of the five guys you see, QO, MP, FoReV, Febby and DuBu. QO is their mid, he is known for having a wide pool of hero he can play in that lane, however, he also plays a lot of Lifestealer and Spectre. MP is the hard carry for the team, playing a lot of melee carries like Juggernaut, he also swaps role a lot with QO to show his Batrider skills. FoReV plays the offlane role for MVP Phoenix, he even use Omniknight. Febby and DuBu are both supports for the team, Febby playing the hard support.

They’ve started to get noticed in Shanghai for the Major, where they placed fourth. After that, they’ve had a couple of wins in premier events, making them one of the favorite teams of the moment. These premier event wins made them a clear contender for a direct invite. The tournaments they won are Dota Pit League Season 4, with a huge win against Evil Geniuses, as well as  WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3, in which they beat Vega Squadron in a 3 to 1 grandfinal.

MVP Phoenix are pretty inconsistent, therefore not being the favorites right now. However, they showed us many time that they can surprise anyone with their very unique picks and style of play. They are also in a group with LGD and EG, two teams who can either play like gods, or just lose everything. Every event in which MVP Phoenix performed came as a surprise, they might as well do it in an important event like this one.

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