Team Secret is one of the most followed team on the Dota 2 Scene, not always for the good reasons.

After winning the Shanghai Major, Secret did terrible at Dota Pit League Season 4, losing against Na’Vi and finishing 5th-8th. Two days later, Secret Announced they were parting way with w33 and MiSerY. The same day, Universe and Arteezy joined Secret.

With a now star-studded line-up composed of Puppey and Pieliedie and the Support duo, Universe as the offlaner, Arteezy as the mid and EternalEnvy as the carry, everyone is expecting great achievements. Arteezy and EternalEnvy being two of the most popular players on twitch and also being very good carry players. Universe is a very good (if not one of the best) offlaner out there and has been very successful with Evil Geniuses. Puppey a veteran of the Dota scene with many achievements.

Somehow, having a team composed of four superstars (yes, four) is not something that makes you instantly win tournaments. Team Secret did terrible on their first tournament with the actual roster, finishing 5th-6th at ESL-One Manila. Thinking they could only do better at Epicenter, they managed worst, finishing 7th-8th.

Team Secret are expected to perform well. Although the roster is relatively new, they are five exceptional players and each of them can come up with a play that can turn a team fight around or even turn the game around. At Epicenter, their lack of coordination and greedy plays from EternalEnvy and Arteezy eliminated them. Now, they are coming back in Manila with a couple more hours of practice as a team. Secret could very well be the Manila Major winners if they perform as they are expected to.  If Team Secret play like they did at their last tournaments, they could also finish at the bottom of the standings again.

Team Secret is a very hard to gauge team, capable of the worst or the best. They can finish anywhere from 1st to 16th. My guess? Bottom half of the standings. Too many good teams playing at their best right now for them to do good they way they are playing together, and I feel like the chemistry between these five players is not something will happen in Manila.

Team Secret

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