A Synopsis of the Upper and Lower bracket games of Manila Majors Day 3

Manila Majors Day 3  wrapped up and we’ve seen most of the higher ranked teams pushing through past their opponents. The first match-up of the day had Digital Chaos losing 2 – 1 against VG-R. DC started this best of three off well taking game one with a strong push lineup that featured good defensive supports in Witch Doctor and Lich and a Doom with plenty of aura support. However, VG-R was able to clinch game two against DC by claiming 5 early kills within the 6 – 9 minute marks allowing their Alchemist to farm into the mid-game. Game 3 unlike the earlier two games had no clear winner until a major rosh-pit fight happened at the 25 minute mark resulting in VG-R taking rosh along with the follow up team-fight.

The next set of games between LGD and Empire in Manila Majors Day 3 looked much more unbalanced, as LGD claimed the series 2-0 off of good drafting; especially in game two, and good late game play in game one. Game one had the both teams matching up evenly until the 35 minute mark where LGD took over having superior late-game decision making and personal skills. Game two had Empire yet again making detrimental decisions especially at the fight around the roshan-pit 27 minutes into the game.

From disastrous decision making to complete God-tier gameplay, series three had OG up against MVP. MVP has looked to be in good form during the Group stages and during their games against Liquid. However despite this, OG ended up crushing MVP with a stomp in game one by shutting down QO’s Ember Spirit in the mid lane. The next game of Manila Majors Day 3 ended up leaving the fans and casters in awe of OG shutting down MVP’s aggression and returning it against the Korean team resulting in OG taking game two with a 0 – 24 Kill score.

The final match between FNATIC and Newbee had FNATIC giving away fairly greedy lineups to Newbee in Manila Majors Day 3, allowing them to take Lifestealer both games. With a Lifestealer, Beast Master and a slippery Weaver in game one, Newbee’s control of FNATIC and the map was too good. Despite FNATIC’s well rounded draft in game two in Manila Majors Day 3, they ended up making too many early game mistakes allowing Newbee’s Naga to gain too much early gold, once again resulting in Newbee controlling FNATIC.

With that loss FNATIC move to the lower-brackets and will play the winner of Liquid vs Na’Vi sometime tomorrow. Unfortunately both Team Empire and Digital Chaos have been eliminated from the Main Event, leaving Na’Vi as the last standing CIS team and leaving no more North American teams left in the tournament.

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