The Long Awaited Manila Masters

The Manila Masters is a series that lots of people are excited about. The reason being that it’s taking place in Manila. And we all know that probably every human in the SEA region plays Dota 2. Although not all of us are as good as we want to be… For example, me. Yes, it feelsbadman, if you’re wondering.

Anyway, the tournament features a prize pool of $250,000. Which is quite a lot. And since it counts as a major, teams get a chance to shine so they can be one of the direct invites in other majors as well.  Mineski-Events Team and ESL have come together to host the tournament. And SM Mall of Asia Arena is where it’s taking place.

Only 2 invited teams are announced so far. As the event states, there are supposed to be four invited teams and four qualifying teams. The first team to get an official invitation is, *queue drum roll*… Evil Geniuses! The 2015 TI winners already packed their bags, and bought I heart Philippine t-shirts. And the second invitation goes out to OG, as some of us have wished for.

The Ticketing  Information

For all of you who want to join the crowd, and experience the happiness up-close and personal, tickets are on sale from February 24.  Click Here

Tickets prices start from 5 USD, sitting in the upper ring of the arena, 30 USD in the middle ring section, 40 USD in lower ring section, and 150 USD for the premium ticket, for premium seating. All of the tickets have a 3 day access, and premium tickets have free food and drink, exclusive signing sessions and a “goodie bag”. We don’t know what’s in it, but it’s probably good. Duh.

Although usually Manila tournaments attract big crowds, seems like ESL and MET have decided to use only half of the arena. The hype has begun, and we’re pretty sure our anticipation will be justified when the tournament begins.

-Very warm thanks to Ajdar Rushani for co-authoring this article.

Gaming/Anime enthusiast who mostly sleeps, and spends half his day clicking circles in Osu!

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