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Maxim Markow, a well known German League of Legends caster, made an interesting bet via tweet during the recent MSI. In it, he declared that he would be casting the Team Liquid vs. Invictus Gaming match in an hour. He promised that if Team Liquid won the series, the next patch notes rundown he did would be made naked. Team Liquid went on to demolish Invictus Gaming in four games — and Maxim’s fate was sealed.


Just two weeks after TL’s triumph, Maxim kept his promise as he released the video on his YouTube channel. The comically titled “(Sexy) Patchnotes-Rundown 9.11” includes plenty of puns, and I would recommend you watch it on your own for the full experience. Disclaimer: It is Not Safe For Work and is entirely in German.

The video features him standing on the right side of the frame with his body fully visible. Luckily, Maxim did do his best to hide his “man parts” as a generously-sized black box covers them throughout the entire video. Surprisingly, Maxim doesn’t look like he was uncomfortable at all making the video as he calmly presents the changes coming in patch 9.11. He ends the video by saying he will never again place a bet on an American team.

Maxim’s fame in the League of Legends scene

League of Legends Patch Notes Maxim Markow

Maxim is fairly well known in the League of Legends community, and it’s not just because he is a caster. He has a relatively successful YouTube channel where he uploads videos daily. Apart from his patch rundowns, (No, those aren’t naked ones.) he also films himself playing the game, does champion spotlights, and even vlogs sometimes. However, the thing he’s most famous for are his “playing League with X item” videos. In those, he uses different items to interface with the game and replaces the “peasant” mouse and keyboard. He played League of Legends with a dance mat, a barcode scanner, his head and most recently with ice. His videos are very entertaining and you should definitely check them out. Heck, you might even learn some German from it.

Do you think Maxim’s naked patch rundown will go viral? Let us know in the comments below!

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