Melee player Duck

It’s not unusual for stellar Smash players to go a while without being endorsed, but James “Duck” Ma has dealt with it almost more than anybody else. Despite being among the best solo Samus mains in the world, his luck with teams is less than stellar. He’s had organizations not pay and he’s had organizations drop their entire Smash roster, himself included.

It looks like his luck may be turning around, though, with the announcement that he has joined eSports Ecosystem.

It appears that both Duck and his newfound team are excited about this new development, as they should be. Being a top 20 player with any character is a feat of its own, and he’s one of the only people able to do it with Samus. Her methodical, zoning style of play is a difficult one to master, especially in a meta that highly rewards fast-paced offensive plays.

Despite these odds, Duck consistently manages to put together great wins against his fellow top competitors at any event he’s at. He’s not susceptible to being upset in bracket, either, making him a great person to place your bets on.

Speaking of bets, signing with eSports Ecosystem seems like a pretty good one for Duck. Though they’re a pretty new team, an organization with Justin Wong as their Esports Advisor should be going places. He’s a legend in the traditional fighting game community whose experience can’t be denied.

Hopefully this new change will serve to benefit everybody in the organization, especially Duck.

Aedan Garcia
If I'm not practicing my Melee Falco, perfecting P.E.K.K.A decks in Clash Royale, or watching some esports tournament, I'm probably writing for fun or maybe trying to get a bit better at rock climbing. DBLTAP gave me a shot at esports over a year ago, and at 19, I'm still striving to improve my writing as much as possible.

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