A Whole New Game Mode

After the fairly hectic Elimination Mode 3.0, Moonduck is back again with the new Midas Mode. The basics to this mode are fairly simple. Moonduck gives teams money, which they call Moonbucks (you totally could’ve seen that coming). And the teams use the Moonbucks to pick or ban heroes . That’s basically it.

The game mode runs on a Market Stock system. Which means, if a hero has a high pick and win rate, it will be expensive. And when a certain hero wins a match, their price goes up. However, for the low pick and win rates, it’s exactly the opposite.

Moonbuck Management For Teams

Every time a team picks or bans heroes, it will cost them some Moonbucks. A certain hero’s prices will fluctuate after each game depending on the win or loss. Let’s say a team picks Slark and loses with it. Then his value will go down in the next game.

However, every team is in the danger of running out of Moonbucks. In that case, there are certain challenges (or, Bounties, as Moonduck refers to them) which teams can complete to earn themselves some Moonbucks. The challenges will be taken from a certain list where the community will get to vote on which the team should complete. For example, not buying Smoke Of Deceit in a game will earn the team 9,000 Moonbucks.

Further details are yet to be announced, so we’ll have to wait to know the dates, invited teams and the hero prices. But here’s Moonduck’s Midas Mode announcement video.


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