Here at Daily eSports we like Videogames and Pets. I may like cats way too much, but I do get excited when I am able to interact with the neighbor’s dogs, so this week we are going to present to you another lovely trio, this time from the Canine family, and their Alpha – William “wgrates” Grates – The Mighty Commander of the Corgi Army, he is an awesome Canine Twitch streamer, who is using his true identity – A Corgi, to represent his favorite games to the world. He is currently with 3 Furrtastic ladies – Kyla, Brooke and Ivy, who is acting more like a cat than like a dog.



Kyla (11) is the oldest of the Group, she is a lovely German Shepherd/Beagle and she loves to perform all sorts of trick, well if you get the beagle part of her to pay attention. She does everything from High Five to army crawling across the room.





Brooke (10) is the “Middle Child”, but she is The Alpha Dog when her owner is not at home. She is a sweet

Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who likes to keep everybody herded together in the room and is the boss of Everything, well almost everything, when the Real Alpha comes back home, then she goes to him rolls over onto her back and uses her Corgi allure to beg for some good quality belly rubs.

The Last but not the least important is the sweet Ivy (8), she is lovely Cocker spaniel/ terrier mix and believe it or not is the laziest of them all. She is addicted to sunbathing and her dog bed which is strategically placed in a spot from where she can watch her 2 siblings run around the house. However, when there is a Thunder Storm she will go to her owner to look for his protection all curled up as tight as he can be!

K.: Why did you chose them?

W. Kyla and Ivy are from shelters, Brooke is from a breeder.

K.: What are the stories behind their names?

W.: Kyla comes from an old character name I had from a tabletop Dungeons & Dragons game I
played about 20 years ago. Brooke because of Pembroke. and well…Ivy,
because Ivy is in a forest with a Brooke.

K: You spend so much time Streaming, aren’t they jealous because of it?
W: They do get a little hyper, but they’ve always been indoor dogs and for the most part live a very calm life, to begin with.  I do make sure that when I take breaks and am not streaming they get a lot of love and attention from me.


K.: When we did the fist feature you said that Kyla loves to do all those
tricks, are there any treats involved in it?

W.: Believe it or not, Kyla was trained without using treats.  I gave her lots
of love, attention, and time, back when I first got her.  All of them will
do their tricks and not expect treats, but do expect a lot of love if they

K.: After Brooke who is the second in command?
W.: Ivy is in general, the one that tries to challenge Brooke, but for the most
part, neither Kyla nor Ivy tend to worry about being in charge.  They all
play, but Brooke always has her eyes on the other 2 and knows where they

K.: So many dogs and why not a single cat?
W.: A very difficult question.  I’ve just always enjoyed having dogs more so
than cats, but I am allergic to cats as well, so that would factor in
choosing them now.  That and Ivy acts like a cat a lot, so I have a cat dog
I like to say.

K.: Do you have a favourite?
W.: Not really.  Kyla is my oldest at the moment and we’ve always shared a
special bond.  Brooke is my corgi, and I love corgis with a passion, and
Ivy is the princess of the group. (she’ll stay aloof and laze about all day.

K.: Can you describe with one word how is the life with all of them and why
this exact word?
W.: Love.  My dogs have shared my high points in my life and my low points.
They’re always there to greet me, cuddle, play, or just, in general, be there
with me.  There’s just no better word that I can think of to describe the
bond we all share than “Love”

Hope you enjoyed the Pet Interview, and be sure to tune in for the next one.

Katerina Koseva
Console Peasant since the mid 90s, Moba noob and cat addict.