Yamyam Villanueva Yui, Mineski’s formidable team manager, answers some questions with Daily eSports.


Photo from: Yamyam Villanueva Yui’s Facebook Page

She is the so-called “Lady Boss” who handles Mineski’s teams for League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota 2. Despite her busy schedule, Yamyam Villanueva Yui found time to answer some questions about the Mineski Dota 2 team.

What can you tell us about your Dota 2 team?

I consider this team as one of the most exciting teams in Philippines regardless of each other’s flaws.

Give us a little background, how did you end up being the “lady-boss” for Mineski?

For the past years joining different competitions, Team Mineski didn’t have any manager who really does what a manager does. It was until the management finally decided that the team needs someone who can act as a mother/sister/friend and can be there all the time for their players’ needs. 

(Fun Fact: Yamyam is actually a Filipino-Italian citizen, who studied in Rome and Italy during her preschool years. She initially intended to get into fashion design and graduated at Milan Fashion Campus before finally deciding on managing eSports teams instead. Hobbies include dancing, painting and shopping.)

Being a female manager for an all-male group, what challenges does Yamyam Villanueva Yui have encountered and how did she overcome them?

At first, I really had a hard time handling our players since they all have different attitudes and we were still in the process of changing our roster. I had to find a way to build up their chemistry and to make sure they feel comfortable and must be in their mood before and after their games. Eventually after several weeks and months, i was able to cope with and go along with them.

We all know Filipinos are the worst critics, especially in the competitive gaming scene. How do you cope with the “haters” who hit on your players’ weak points?

Haters will always become haters. Haha! My team doesn’t mind those who are talking behind and judging us. We know ourselves more than anyone. We know the truth and our capabilities although there are times when I cannot control my emotions when they bash and especially when they talk about personal matters.

Tell us about your current roster of players. How did you select them? What are their special traits and how are they gearing up for the Manila Major?

Basically I have no right in selecting our lineup for all the tournaments. As their manager I’d just give them my opinion and my advice. It depends on their decision since they know each other’s play style very well. No special suits for this event. I guess we will gear up same with previous LAN tournaments.

We were all disappointed you did not win the recently concluded ESL-One Manila, do you have any special strategy for securing a victory this time around?

We always prepare for all our tournaments. It just happened that we had to replace some of our players few weeks before the tournament and we really lacked time for preparation. In terms of special strategy, we will be playing our play style and we just hope we can get along and beat our opponents.

Being the only Filipino team competing, how do you deal with the pressure and the expectation by the Filipino crowd?

It has always been a lot of pressure for us representing the Philippines. Some people don’t know the sacrifices, hardships and dedication my players (Mineski-Dota and from other games) are always exerting to give out their best. They might not be able see them but as their manager of the family, I am able to see it every day.

Considering how you guys did in previous match-ups, how do you think you’ll perform in the Majors?

We have prepared some strategies and we will just stick to them hoping this time we can execute them properly.

A message to Filipinos?

Thank you to all Filipino fans out there especially to those people who come along with us through thick and thin. Please keep supporting us and our eSports community. Thank you!


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