Mistakes returns to Overwatch League, joins Montreal Rebellion of Toronto Defiant

With so many retirements happening this year in the Overwatch League, we’ve finally got a player returning. This retirement was one of the first, happening before the second season even started. This player is Stanislav “Mistakes” Danilov, a Russian player known for his role in Boston Uprising’s perfect stage in the inaugural season. Unfortunately, the Uprising decided to drop him from their roster last year. Not too long after, Mistakes announced his retirement from professional Overwatch, deciding to involve himself in coaching. After being announced as the general manager of Russia in the 2019 World Cup, he decided to come back. Mistakes has signed for the Toronto Defiant’s contenders team, the Montreal Rebellion.

Mistakes returns to Overwatch League, joins Montreal Rebellion of Toronto Defiant

Who is Mistakes?

Before he played for the Boston Uprising in the inaugural season, he was simply known as a very skilled Tracer player from Russia. After getting well known in Europe for his play, the Boston Uprising scouted him out and signed him as a backup to their starting DPS players. After a big controversy, there was a sudden exile from one of their starters. Mistakes was forced to play the flex DPS role, something he wasn’t known for.

Mistakes returns to Overwatch League, joins Montreal Rebellion of Toronto Defiant

While some matches he was shaky, others he was unbeatable and incredibly consistent. Most of those issues seem to have came from his sudden promotion, playing heroes from Junkrat to Widowmaker when needed. He was key in their perfect stage, but after Boston’s poor stage four, they needed to rebuild their roster. They dropped Mistakes, who retired two months after.

What is he doing now?

Well, if you want to be specific, he’s learning how to play Zarya. Without joking around, he has joined the Contenders scene. He signed for the Toronto Defiant’s squad, the Montreal Rebellion. With their sudden signing of Logix up to the main roster, they needed a hitscan player. Mistakes fit that mold, and he performed well enough to get the roster spot. He’s already played some games for them as well and still looks great on his signature heroes of Tracer and Junkrat.

The more interesting thing about Mistakes joining the Rebellion is that he could eventually join the Defiant. He could make his return to the main stage, an unexpected comeback. Only time will tell if he will come back into the league, but it’s nice to see someone come out of retirement. Especially such an underrated legend. From Boston to Russia and into Montreal. Hopefully he can go to Toronto and remind the league who he is.

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