Modern Warfare battle royale map leak

While nothing has ever been official regarding a battle royale in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it’s assumed one will be coming in 2020. From various leaks to developer comments, a Modern Warfare battle royale seems inevitable. Known leaker TheGamingRevolution has provided tons of intel on the subject, stating the mode will arriving 2020 as free to play. We have further evidence of this mode’s existence thanks to an in-game bug that potentially shows off the entire battle royale map.

The Modern Warfare battle royale map?

Along with his date prediction, TheGamingRevolution has also said that the battle royale map will take place on the Modern Warfare Special Ops map. The current Special Ops map is certainly big enough to house a battle royale. Also, the information matches up with another leak we received a while back.

Modern Warfare battle royale map

The above image was datamined from the Modern Warfare PC files. Though nothing official, some of the locations on the map do match up with Special Ops locations.

A recent Modern Warfare bug from Special Ops itself further corroborates this. The bug essentially gets players stuck in the airplane that drops you onto the map. Once stuck, players will just float in air and are able to see the entire island from a bird’s eye view. Credit to u/Nateberg3 for the accompanying footage.

Video of Full Battle ROYALE Map from modernwarfare

If you look at the map that we saw back in November, there’s an uncanny resemblance to the above video. From the mountains to some of the standout locations, this does, in fact, appear to be the Modern Warfare battle royale map. But again, nothing is official and probably won’t be until at least January of 2020.

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