mYinsanity wins Dreamhack Allstars while MVP Black takes first place in the Gold Series Playoffs

”EU is by far too easy”

On the european side, there was the second qualifiers for the Dreamhack summer in Sweden. mYinsanity just wrecked through all the other teams, showing their superiority in the region with the current meta. They went 10-0 in the tournament, beating both Team Liquid and Fnatic in 3 games. They were playing against the best European teams, clearly not beeing the favorites. Their long-standing roster seem to have worked better than the huge roster changes we saw during last weeks for most top European teams.

In most of the other tournaments they went, they had to fight their way through the lower bracket from the start. This time, however, their consistency and their wide array of strategies outmatched all of their opponents.

With that win, mYinsanity will join their rivals, Dignitas, as well as Naventic, Negative Synergy and the currently unknown last 4 qualified teams. These teams will respectivly come from China, Korea, North America and Latin America.


MVP Black dominates Gold Series

The Koreans continued their winning streak this weekend with 2 other match wins against eStar Gaming, the score was respectively 3 to 0 and 4 to 2. The only team who seems powerful enough to take on the Koreans did it again, taking 2 games off of MVP Black. They are currently the only team who have made it as far as taking 2 games in a best of seven match or 1 game in a best of three against them in the last 50-ish matches MVP has played. MVP took the first spot, and with it 46,000$, but since they were playing in a Chinese tournament, it didn’t give them an invite to the Summer Global championship. Instead, eStar and X Team, who lost to the eStar in the lower bracket finals, got them. They will need to win a Korean qualifiers if they want to be able to compete against international teams this summer.


mYinsanity destroyed the other European teams, but one of its player admit in a post-game interview that they had a long way to come if they wanted to beat the teams from Asia, especially MVP Black. If they practice enough and persevere like they did to get there, they might as well defeat them in the end!

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