No surprise in the Super League Season 2 as MVP Black secures its spot

The  second season of the Super League features a 170,ooo $ prize pool, but what the teams really want is one of two Korean spots for the Spring Championship.

The group stage has concluded Friday with both TNL and MVP dominating their respective groups, not losing a single game to their opponents. As for the second place in each group, it has been taken by Mighty in group A and Tempest in group B.

Group A was composed of Rave and ROMG, as well, of course, as MVP and Mighty. For group B, the 2 eliminated teams were TAS and DsA. Both upper bracket teams sent their opponents in the lower bracket through a not too difficult 3-1 series. However, Mighty and Tempest had no real difficulty in the lower bracket, as they both only lost one game. The lower bracket match will only be played next weekend, the winner of this match will play against TNL the very next day.

Early today also marked the upper bracket finals , which didn’t bring any surprise as MVP Black beat TNL in a 3-0 match. With this victory, MVP have secured their place as the first finalists, also assuring their place in the Spring Championship. They just dominated TNL early on in the first 2 games, getting fast wins in the first 2 maps. The third map wasn’t different as they took another game out of their opponents.

The big heroes were picked as always, however, the Korean meta differs a bit from the Western teams. Illidan, Muradin and Rehgar have continued their domination. The big difference is Sonya; she has been picked in more than 90% of the game in the Super League playoffs. Interesting fact, she has been in the winning team 21 out of the 28 games she has been played.

With the Chromie patch, we’ve seen the return of the warrior comp, with 2, even sometime 3 warriors being picked in the same team. Do you think that while this meta last, the Western teams would have a chance to take something out of MVP Black?

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