Today, Blizzard announced the Ranked system 2.0 along with  two new heroes.

The system

The new ranked system will be divided into tiers and divisions, it will be a lot like League of Legend’s current system. Depending on your 10 placement matches, you will be placed on one of the following tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. They will all be broken in five divisions.


Players will only be able to play with other players whose ranks are within one league, this way, we won’t see diamond players carrying bronzes to the top. The maximum queue size will still be of two in Hero League.

On top of that, there will also be the Master League which will go by different rules. Instead of showing your division, you will accumulate points through victory to see your progress against the other members of the League. The top 500 of each region of this league will be placed in the Grand Master League, the ranking will be updated daily to keep it moving.


With that, they also announced that this ranked system will be live on the 14th of June, meaning the end of the preseason and the beginning of Season 1. Like I said earlier, you will need to do ten placement matches to get your starting rank. After that, you will win or lose points depending on the outcome of the match. After a certain amount of points, you will get into a promotion match determining if you will move up a tier or division. If you consistently lose games, you will get a demotion match to defend your position in your league.

Each seasons will go on for a couple of months, with the first one being a bit longer for calibration sake. MMR changes will also be more pronounced in this season to set the tone and place people where they belong more accurately. Of course, a season system doesn’t come without rewards. The rewards will be given out at the end of every season based on your performance. Here is what you can get in June from the Preseason Hero and Team League as well as a good share of gold.

Portrait reward

Mount reward

The new ranked system revamp will be live in June, probably at the same time as the newly announced Medivh from the Warcraft universe. More on that topic right here.

Blizzard isn’t reinventing the wheel with their new system, but they bring a breath of fresh air to the so-so system they had before. It also gives it more depth and gives more chances to differentiate everyone based on their skill level. You can read the official system revamp information right here. Give us your thoughts on this new ranked system and the changes it will bring in competitive play.

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