Newbee as well as Complexity will move on to tomorrow’s group stage of the Epicenter.

The day started with Newbee taking on Complexity and a fight between Fnatic and No Diggity.

Newbee emerged victorious in about 90 minutes of gameplay without really breaking a sweat. Hao’s crew took an early lead in game one as Mu’s Invoker and kpii’s Doom were wrecking through Complexity’s lineup. They just built on it during the whole game, taking it away in 29 minutes. Second game, a 55 minutes one, went again into the hands of Newbee, this time with a less dominating performance. They were on a gold and xp deficit for the first 30 minutes, but when they took a good fight, they started taking it back, finishing the game with a 33k gold lead.

Second match took a third game to determine the winner, No Diggity. This series was pretty straightforward as Fnatic took game one in 35 minutes, leading the whole time, and No Diggity took both next games in respectively 36 and 44 minutes, not giving an inch to Fnatic to make a comeback.

The day continued with winner’s match, Newbee facing Synderen’s crew, again going the side of Newbee in 2. Game one was certainly Newbee’s game as Viper went 15/0/9, No Diggity just not able to stop him, not a single time. They still managed to defend until the 48th minute, also taking 4 towers in the game. The 2 set of sacked racks and Mu’s auto attacks were just too much. They dominated every single lane in game 2 ending the game in 29 minutes, only dying 4 times to their opponents. Newbee were the first to qualify for group stage.

SEA versus NA was the fourth match. A 3 game series conquered by Complexity. Dark Seer, Dk and Jugg were just too much for Fnatic in the first game, as we were watching a real massacre. Every member of the North American crew was taking part in the kills, as opposed to Mushi being the only one of his team able to take on Complexity. It took 41 minutes for the pain to stop. Next game was way more interesting as it was very close until the 30 minute mark, where Fnatic destroyed Complexity in a key teamfight, taking a big gold lead. They held for 15 more minutes before giving up. Final game started with an interesting strategy: dual jungle from Limmp’s Axe and Handsken’s Winter Wyvern. It only took 9 minutes to pay off as Axe already got his blink dagger, brown boots AND vanguard. Complexity’s support were also core-like, getting the same amount of xp as their teammates and leading the other team’s supports by several thousands in networth. Complexity built on that and took the match, facing No Diggity for the last match of the day.

They showed their strength to finish off the Europeans in 2 quick games. Both of them took under 40 minutes and Complexity led for pretty much the whole time.

With these done, Complexity will join Alliance, OG and Team Liquid in group A, while Newbee will fight for one of 2 spots in a group composed of Virtus Pro, Team Secret and Evil Geniuses, AKA the group of death. Do you think, based on today’s performance, that the two qualified teams have any chances to top their respective group, or at least finish second?

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